Hauled it: Giorgio Armani Art Deco Crystal Palette 2009

Armani is one of those brands I like a lot, but it sort of sits there in the background elegantly, just waiting its turn. The gorgeous Art Deco collection comes with a stunning pretty and two lipsticks (a red and a gold-brown shade) that are both covered is Swarovski gems.

Armani Art Deco Christmas 2009.jpg

This was not by any means a sensible purchase on my part. The palette is £65 which is a lot of money, but I did fall in love with the case and the shadow colours (the palette is a double decker):

giorgio armani crystal palette.jpg

But £65…ouch. I did have to pinch myself a bit there but then I figured its unusual, its collectable. Of course it comes with a hair attracting pouch:

armani crystal palette.jpg

Want to see the top of the case?Gorgeous!:

armani crystal compact.jpg

There’s 4 shades in the palette, a cool toned fawn, a silver, a blue-green and a sparkly black. All very pigmented and gorgeous – I love cool toned colours. The blue-green is especially is unusual and pretty – like the bottom of the sea I’d say (A figure of speech of course):

Emporio Armani Crystal Eyeshadow.jpg

I was suprised because I have 2 other Armani double deckers, the Crystal palette from last year and the Summer one which has a bronzer and four shadows underneath – all very nice but not breathtaking. A little hard so to speak:

The top palette is a highligher. Its a like light white peach with a silver overspray which rubs off. Its soft and a very subtle, pretty highlighter:

Armani Powder Crystal.jpg


You must be kidding right? I paid £65 for this palette, its staying perfect for just a little bit longer….just let me stare at the overspray just for another week or two 😀

Like it? Would you spend a spare £65 on this palette?

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  1. Mazzy says

    Hehe – I got this NYX Palette (You can’t get NYX where I live :( So its a rare find) About a month ago and I havent used it. I refuse to until I get proper eyeshadow brushes, and i’ve taken lots of pictures of it too. I LOVE palettes, of course, it’s not as grand and lovely as the Palette here (Which is to die for!! thanks for sharing!) But my Palettes are so precious to me, I get your feeling!