Sparkly Nails! Canmake Nail Lame Powder Glitter Review

So I’m not great at nail art but nail glitter – I can do. It’s easy…sprinkle sprinkle.

But my problem is not knowing when to stop. I was that kid who would start colouring in a picture within the lines, then suddenly would enthusiastically start adding glitter and stars and pipe cleaners until I couldn’t even pick the picture up.


Anyway, so I don’t end up dunking my entire finger into glitter, I bought these Canmake Nail Lame Powders in pink and blue.

These cute bottles of glitter are to be used on top of polish, and the container comes with a little straggly brush. The glitter can be sealed with a top coat to make sure it stays in place:


I didn’t have any kind of design in mind, I just wanted to add some sparkle to a nail and it’s super easy with this product.

The brush is oddly cut at the end…quite messy. I am guessing this is so that there is a natural sprinkly effect, or you can just tap it over your nail.

Either way the brush leaves glitter everywhere no matter how carefully you tap it on your nail. It goes EVERYWHERE. Well ok not everywhere, just the surrounding areas.


Not very interesting but this is how I dusted it over my polish. I tried to go for the graduated effect but the glitter just went everywhere. D’oh! But you get an idea of the finish:



To be honest there’s nothing that special about the brush, and the glitter is just glitter. It’s quite fine, but you can easily find fine glitter in a craft store for next to nothing. If there’s one nice thing about this product it’s the handy bottle I guess.

I like this product but wouldn’t buy it again!

Would you use glitter on your nails?

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  1. Jen says

    Hah yes I love glitter! My current nails have been sporting a french manicure but with silver glitter tips. I use the liquid glitter usually though…can’t cope with all that loose glitter getting everywhere! Discovered the new nail art range they stock at Superdrug and have bought a few items to try, was quite impressed with the nail art tattoo chains!