Evolve Beauty Skincare Reviews: Gentle Cleansing Melt & Multi Action Double Cream

There are so many little Eco friendly brands popping up in the UK and so far I have had positive experiences with most of them.

Evolve Beauty has a range of skincare, bodycare and haircare products that are organic (certified by Ecocert) and come in 100% recyclable packaging.

I like how the range looks; it has a sort of softness to it but looks smart at the same time, and I also like how simple the range is – ths skincare range has a cleansing melt, a facial wash and two moisturisers – one for dry skin one for normal/oily skin.

I tested this for a few weeks (half and half with a friend because I had some other skincare to test straight after!). I have the Gentle Cleansing Melt and Multi Action Double Cream for my dry skin!


First of the Gentle Cleansing Melt – this is a fabulous cleanser! I am a real fan of cleansing balms anyway (Boots Time Delay is one of my faves) but this is different…it’s a “melt”.

So it already has that gooey type texture to begin with, no need to warm it up first….It is quite odd at first I have to say, like smearing vaseline on your face. They say:

This gentle soap free cleansing balm melts away make up and impurities before transforming into a rich creamy milk on contact with warm water. It rinses away leaving skin clean, moisturised and soft to the touch.

This amazingly versatile product can also be used as a rinse off massage oil, a soap free body cleanser, shaving oil and more.


This is a really great cleanser if you like rich, balm type cleansers. If you prefer something fuss free and quick like a face wash then you might not like this.

But what I personally love about this cleanser is that it didn’t flare my skin up AT ALL (it’s so tender and sore at the moment!), and it comforted my skin and it’s quite nice to work something into your skin to get the make up off…a little massage I guess.

Also you MUST use a hot (well warm but I like hot!) towel, flannel, sponge – to take this off. It’s greasy and cold water and simple rinsing won’t do it.

It doesn’t smell of anything. Faintly of nuts perhaps?


Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides , Glycerin , aqua (water), Sucrose Laurate , Helianthus Annus (sunflower) seed oil

Very simple stuff, but works well.

The Evolve Multi Action Double Cream:

Anti aging natural peptides restore firmness, whilst protecting against free radical damage and preserving skin elasticity. Organic superfood argan oil, rich in omega 6 and antioxidants, nourishes and protects. Almond peptides lock in moisture for long lasting hydration.

Again beautifully packaged:


There is a “single” cream version of this for ladies who don’t need so much hydration.

Now, a word of warning you need to give this a good shake. Cos for the first few days I was applying this:


It’s ratherrrrrrr light, I told myself. Alas no, for some reason mine was a bit runny at the top and on day 3, I had this much better, thick rich white cream:


Once again, this is a lovely product. It’s what I would class as effective cream; it’s a bit like Neutrogena in the sense that it’s a simple but effective product (that’s how I see Neutrogena skincare!). But an organic version!

My skin felt lovely and soft after using this cream – the hydration levels are great – not perfect (because I still have flaky patches on my face that are a pain!). It’s a nice base for pre make up too because it sinks in quickly without leaving a layer of grease like my richer creams do.

The only thing is that it didn’t leave my skin looking ‘brighter’ – a lot of the creams I use focus on this (as a lot of Asian skincare products do). Having said that, this will be one of those creams I turn to, to comfort my skin when I go through tons of product testing!


Aqua (water), Parfum , Butyrospermum parkii butter , Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil , Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil , Sesamium indicum , Candellila/Jojoba/Rice Bran Polyglyceryl-3 Esters , Glyceryl Stearate , Cetearyl Alcohol , Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil , Plukenetia volubilis seed oil , Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate , Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Protein , Dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline , Magnesium Aluminium Silicate , Mannitol , Lactic Acid , Dehydroacetic acid

The Cleansing Balm is £10.99 and the Multi Action Double Cream is £17.99

Verdict: Recommended!

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  1. jade says

    I love the cleansing melt! Takes off all make up effectively, and doesn’t leave my dry skin tight. I don’t use a flannel, just warm/hot water and rinse it off. It’s nice to have a simple natural product that works properly :)
    I’ve got my eye on the double cream as well, but I’ve read mixed reviews about it (about not hydrating enough for dry skin) so maybe I’ll decide on it based on how winter is gonna treat my skin this year.

  2. says

    The texture of the Multi Action Double Cream looks gorgeous !
    I love moisturizers, I often change my cream product to find the ideal moisturizer… Right now it’s the DayWear Plus Estee Lauder’s moisturizer , it’s perfect for my oily skin.
    Désolée pour les fautes ^^