Shiseido Maquillage Essence Cover Compact UV Foundation in OC30 Review!

Not brand new, but relatively new is MAQUillage’s Essence Cover Compact UV Foundation SPF24.

I have a soft spot for compact cream foundations because I think they’re so quick and handy to use, but the majority are pretty lame- they don’t seem to last long even on my dry skin and bunch up on oily areas.

MAQUillage’s OC30 is almost the right shade for me. It’s slightly – just SLIGHTLY ashy. As long as I don’t use too much it blends in fine. So I purchased this:


They say:

A foundation that transforms into powdery on contact with skin. Formulated with 70% of treatment ingredients to improve skin condition and maximize the effects of your makeup. Adds a healthy glow to your skin. Tested and proved to keep for 8 hours.

The foundation has 3 star coverage (out of 5) and you buy the case and compact separately but most sellers will offer it to you as a pair…Come to think of it, I like Shiseido’s Hydro Cream foundation a LOT, apart from the fact it’s heavily scented.



BO – Beige
OC – Ochre or yellow tones
PO – Pink tones

Not a vast range, and it caters more for yellow toned, light skinned ladies.

The case is gorge:


You get a sponge and with this being a cream to powder base the foundation comes with a lid and you MUST close it properly or it will dry out.

You only have to use about 1/3 of the sponge for each cheek starting from the centre of the face and spreading it outwards (this is the MAQUillage tip!).


This product does go very far indeed. It feels a but oily when applied but it does dry to a lightly powdery finish but not cakey at all. It actually leaves the skin feeling quite hydrated.

The foundation offers excellent coverage – I found that my blemishes and redness were easily covered with one thin layer of this stuff, and on top of that and it doesn’t sit on top the skin, lingering – no – this blends like butter. Gorgeous. (Admittedly I haven’t blended any butter recently).

This applies well with sponge or brush:


This is a really wonderful foundation. If it was a TOUCH darker I would love it with all my heart. But despite this, it does work on me and I use a face powder (RMK) to set it for extra longevity (plus the bronze shade I have adds warmth). Then it lasts ALL day and gives me that dewy skin look:


Verdict: I don’t know how this will last on very oily skin, but it’s great for my dry skin and also for the British climate which is cold to moderate most of the time. It covers, it blends easily, it’s so damn easy that I am addicted to using it.

If you can find shade to match then it’s a brilliant buy.

I bought this from eBay for about £36.

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  1. says

    heh, after a review like that, how can I fail to check it out?
    I’m trying to use up my bb creams first though. Argh.
    And I have combination skin, so it likely won’t work as well on me as it works on you :) I do like cream to powder foundations though, so maybe it will work on me.
    The case is lovely too!

  2. nouna says

    hi, I have tried it and it is so covering!! My undercircles disappeared but I was like I was 30 years older T_T, it went into my fine lines, it was horrible!!
    Do you have this problem?
    Does the 18 brush prevent that? I need a lot of coverage for my undercircles.