Review: Paula’s Choice Illicit Lash Maximum Impact Mascara & Gentle Touch Eye Make Up Remover

Another day, another mascara!

This time the mascara I am testing is from Paula’s Choice; Illicit Lash Maximum Impact Mascara is supposed to create long, soft, dramatic lashes that will not smudge, flake or clump.

It comes with a long rubbery spiky brush.

The mascara:


As you know by now, I have very mixed results with mascara, but I can usually pull a few positive points from most of the ones I try.

The brush:


The brush is pretty unusual! It’s rubber but also quite a stiff brush- it’s very straight so I found it a tad tricky (well – I ended up poking myself in the eye because I find brushes with some curve easier to use).

Nevertheless, this brush helps with separation. Also – the formula seems to be nicely coated around it. The mascara texture I really like – it’s super rich, a bit almost tar like (I mean that in a good way) so it does instantly add colour and length. It’s a DRAMATIC mascara.

However – the only fault I found with his is that it minimally holds curl:


When I used it with my beloved Shiseido Primer, then curl held a lot lot better:


I don’t think this looks so hot if you layer it but one coat on its own leaves a nice, defined dramatic lash.

I would recommend this for ladies with naturally curled lashes as it’s instant drama – OR if your lashes are straight like mine, it’s great if you are happy for use it with a primer.

I was also sent the Gentle Touch Eye Make Up Remover:


This is a shake before use eye make up remover, which has a oily touch to it to get rid of waterproof make up BUT, it does not feel horrid and oily afterwards. I REALLY like this make up remover. It gets rid of all bits of make up even my tough Japanese mascara.

It’s also fragrance and colorant free which is fab! I usually use Lancome Bi-Facial but since I finished it just a few days ago, I am converting to this Paula’s Choice one for now.

You can buy the mascara here for £11.30. and the eye make up remover here.

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  1. Jen says

    Oooh Paula’s Choice…I’ve heard her name a lot regarding skincare for acne (she has a large range of products with AHAs and BHAs which are supposed to be really good) but didn’t know that she did makeup too. The mascara brush reminds me of the Maxfactor one in the gold tube (can’t remember exact name but I did own it once!) and I did find it quite a good brush for getting to all the lashes