Hate the fake tan smell? Try Xen Tan Scent Secure Moisturising Cream

It’s not like I fake tan that often anyway, but when I do I have to say I really hate the mouldy-cake smell (everyone says biscuits – I say mouldy cakes). I can smell it on other people a mile off.

Admittedly a lot of fake tan I have tested of late smells a lot better than it used to – (Xen Tan is certainly a better one) but nevertheless, it’s always there with every single fake tanning product.

Mr C can recognise the smell a mile off and he doesn’t like it. He smells it and he starts watching where I sit incase I leave orange stains.

The clever people at Xen Tan invented this:


A brand new addition to the range, Xen Tan Scent Secure is a breakthrough product in tanning technology.

Providing oil-free moisture and hydration for all skin types, it is ideal for use before and after self-tan application. This luxurious moisturiser is also perfect for locking out the unpleasant smells associated with any fake tan product.

Oh yeah! I tried this (I even fake tanned for you) and I have to say it’s a really good product which seems to go over the mouldy cake smell and leaves you smelling very fresh.

The scent is – cucumber! (Well it is to me, it’s probably grape really or something!). It’s very fresh, and a good choice I think, rather than something floral or sweet which could leaving you smelling like a cake shop.

On top of the scent control it’s a relatively thick white lotion which is very hydrating without being oily:


My skin is dry anyway so this served as a nice, oily free moisturiser.

I’ll save this specifically for when I want to fake tan because it gets rid of that awful smell but I can use it for times when I just need a decent moisturiser as well.

Perfect for fake tan addicts I say (unless you like smelling like a mouldy cake…er biscuit).

The item hasn’t been released yet but will cost £24.99 and you can put your email down here to register interest.

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  1. says

    I’ve never used fake tan, but will definitely need to this summer to get away from the pastey legs I had last year. I hate the smell of fake tan on others, so this is something I’d have to get to avoid it on myself!

  2. Jen says

    I always say fake tan smells like old cardboard lol The smell definitely puts me off applying fake tan (plus the fact I’d probably end up streaky like bacon!). So this is a product you apply before and after fake tan to mask the smell? It isn’t a fake tan itself?