The Best Foundations, Candy Style: No. 5: KATE High Coverage Foundation

This week I am reviewing my 5 current favourite foundations!

Last but not least to my 5 favourite foundations of the moment is this little gem from KATE (a baby brand of Kanebo Japan). KATE does not look as pretty as Lavshuca, but it does produce less fluffy, more useful products, in my opinion.

KATE High Coverage Liquid Foundation is not a typically Japanese base, because other Japanese liquid bases I have used offer a soft, sheer, glowy finish. A lot of Japanese women already have beautiful skin, see?!

So KATE breaks the rules and offers us a HIGH COVERAGE liquid foundation – something that will cover all your flaws in one fell swoop.

I actually bought one of these then discarded it for a while because the shade was wrong wrong wrong (you’ll see what I mean in a bit) then I rediscovered it and bought a mixing partner.


Originally I bought OC G. Here is the colour chart:


Big mistake – once again, unlike any other Japanese foundation I have tried, OC G is dark dark dark. If I am a NC30-35, this must be a NC 45+. So I discarded it. But then I decided to buy OC C too and mix the two together.

Check out the difference in shades!:


It’s not all bad news actually, I was thinking women with darker Asian skintones could probably use OC G and thus discover the awesomeness of KATE foundation!

Anyway so OC C was too light on it’s own so I made them get married:

(Made them get married? Grammar genius, Miss Candy!)

Here it is blending….


Done! There, that’s better! I figured half a pump OC C and one full pump OC G works well for me.


Ok ok so shades aside why is this foundation so great?

Because it’s affordable, it lasts all day long without powdering, it offers high coverage so anyone with scars, visible pores and redness can use this and it will cover extremely well without being thick or cakey.

It does feel like any medium coverage base but offers a really high coverage – and you can add on more if you wish. I don’t need concealer with this. (Note: It’s not the same as say, Dermablend, but it does totally even out most skintones).

One light later on me – finish is semi matte and I was having a lot of redness that day. I think it did quite well!



Colour Range:

Well its a bit weird. Here are some of the colours that aren’t on Adambeauty’s chart – OCD and the Bright Up. I presume OC D would’ve been my closest shade:


Note there’s a bright up colour which can be used to blend with the darker bases – so really the shade range is customizable! (But you need to buy two bottles – d’oh!). Actually I am considering buying the Bright Up anyway because I can use it with other bases I have that are too dark.

For Skin Types:

It works on my and my skin can be dry with oily spots – I imagine it works on any skin type.


Rich Liquid


Medium to Full.


Lasts and Lasts all day.


Not too much glow, this dries quite matte.

Main Strength:

High coverage and lasting all day.

Main Con:

Could be a tad drying if you already have very very dry skin.

Score: 4/5

Price: About £8 when imported.

Buy At: eBay, Ichibankao or for the best price Adambeauty.

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  1. says

    Ooh, what shade do you reckon OC-C is? An NC25 perhaps? I’m paler than an NC15 myself so I’m not too sure if OC-B will be sufficiently light enough for me.

    Thanks in advance and you’re one of my favourite bloggers! (I only have three, by the way haha.)

  2. says

    Hi Rowena,
    I checked the KATE stand at the drugstore today and I think OC-D might be the best match for you. It seems like it should fit NC35s well, and my friend (who tans to an NC35) agreed that she could definitely see herself picking the colour up. Incidentally, OC-C was an NC25 after all. :)

    Love your blog!