Cosmetics A La Carte Outliner Set for Christmas; Matte Black, Juniper, Metal and Goldmine

I am completely obsessed with cream and gel eyeliners – my favourites include Maybelline’s Eye Studio and Kiss Me for black, Coffret D’or and Etude House for colour liners.

If they are dual purpose and come in lots of interesting colours, even better!

Cosmetics A La Carte are offering a set of four of their Outliners as a Christmas set:


Outliners are dual purpose liners and eyeshadows. There’s 16 colours to choose from.

These chunky plastic jars are sealed off when you get them and you get a lot of product (well – it looks like a lot anyway!). In the set is 4 colours, Matte Black, Goldmine, Juniper and Metal – Black, Gold, Dark Moss Green and Silver.


The texture of the outliners is somewhere between a cream eyeshadow and a gel liner. It’s not as soft as a traditional gel liner (for example Bobbi Brown) but it’s richer than a MAC paint pot (which I personally feel dries out quite quickly).



Matte Black doesn’t seem matte at first – it takes a moment to dry this outliner, so you have to be prepared to wait a bit for it dry. Once it does it stays in place quite well.

Like I mentioned, this is quite a firm textured gel liner – I had to swirl the brush on the surface a few times to pick the pigment up – it’s like there’s almost a ‘skin’ on it and once you have broken through it, the rest of the pot seems creamier.

All of these are beautifully pigmented.



Juniper is a dark olive green with gold bits in it – it is to DIE for – my favourite colour of the lot. I have a soft spot for greens as it is, but this one is truly glorious if you are into greens and golds too.

There are some darker spots of pigment in the outliner but it’s actually easy to mix in.



Metal is a grey-silver-taupe type shade. It reminds me of robots. I like it, I like how it isn’t an obvious super bright silver but I don’t love it as much as I love Juniper. It’s a good hue for Christmas I guess!


*Sorry about this photo. I forgot to take a picture of it originally, so had to take one after I had used the item in some dim light.


A must have for Christmas! Goldmine is a rich true gold – I like these kinds of shades just because it’s unashamedly golden. This one needs a bit more layering to get a nice, opaque layer of colour though.



I really like these gel eyeliners/outliners/cream shadows – whatever you want to call them! I am in love with Juniper but really, all of these colours are worth a mention.

They are a little harder than your usual gel liner – at least on the surface – but once you have it on it takes a moment to set – it has that slightly more ‘glossy’ texture than a lot of cream eyeshadows. I’d recommend powdering over this with a corresponding shadow to set it.

This set is £50 for four colours – it usually costs £20 just for ONE jar so you are getting quite a good saving!

I am now after Dragonfly (a blue green) and Blazon (metallic devil red) – how Christmassy is that? Will ask for them from Santa!

Gel liners – yay or nay?

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