Dry Skin, Glowy Skin: E45 Endless Moisture Radiance Moisturizing Cream Review

E45 is one of those British staple health and beauty names, like Savlon, or Bonjela or Sudocreme.

Whenever you tell someone (a normal person, not a beauty blogger!) that you have dry skin they always go “Have you put E45 on it?” as if you haven’t already thought of using it! It reminds of a friend I had a few years ago who was a internet newbie, so every day she’d find a new website.

I had been a hardcore internet user for years by then so I didn’t mind when she started telling me about an amazing new site she found (that I should really try out) called imdb.com for looking up films, or a site called eBay.com that you could buy used things from – I had to sit there and go, “Really? That’s amazing.”

My point is this; there’s no point recommending E45. We know.

Ah – but something new and quite different from the usual sensible looking E45 is this Endless Moisture Radiance Lotion:


Clearly trying to move away from the medicinal looking cabinets and next to the likes of Dove, E45 have made a cream (I keep calling it a cream then a lotion, let’s call it a crea-tion) that is more fashionable and has a slightly glowy finish.


They Say:

Its unique formulation contains a complex of natural lipid and glycerine that work with your skin to replenish lost moisture & then build and maintain hydration in the skin from morning till evening.

E45 Endless Moisture Radiance body lotion is now enriched with radiance boosters to give your skin a naturally radiant glow.

Well…There are some clear differences to the normal E45 cream which is thicker and quite plain. This one is it’s lighter, easier to use, dolled up sister. She’s not quite Katie Price, but she’s been dabbling with the make up cabinet.

This is not a super glowy product, in that you don’t end up with sparkles everywhere – it’s quite sheer, the result is natural but I guess there is a slight perky glow to the skin:


I guess I like this. I’ve never been that into ‘glow’ products because my skin gets itchy easily so I liked this on my arms I wouldn’t use it too liberally every day because I wouldn’t like to irritate my skin. I prefer something plainer for every day application.



Having said that I totally get why E45 would launch more of a mainstream moisturiser and I think most people would be happy with this. It’s hydrating, lightweight and smells quite nice so it’s a worthy choice.

It’s £4.49 in Boots, I am sure they sell it in Superdrug and on various online outlets too.

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  1. dana says

    owh no! another product to add to my list! I can never go into boots and buy just ONE thing! I went to buy a face wash and ended up spending £30 on random lotions n potions!

    looks really nice I MUST give this lotion a try!