Sony CP Lash Sculpture Mascara Review – A brush does not maketh a mascara

It’s rubbish to want something so badly, only for it to be a disappointment. Having said that, I’d rather try it and be disappointed than not get to try it at all. Apart from a a Chimichanga. Tell me they are delicious.

I have wanted this Sony CP mascara, Lash Sculpture for-ever. Yes it’s sold on some online beauty stores but for rip off prices. I have tried getting someone to find it for me but it wasn’t that easy to locate in Japan. Finally, got it back in stock! I was so excited I ordered two:


Clever move, considering I throw out 80% of the mascara’s that I buy for just generally being pants.

Check out the supposed results!


Hmmm. Right.

Take away the packaging and you are left with a simple red tube – but this isn’t the magic behind this mascara – it’s the brush, one of the most unusual I have seen that is so appealing.

The brush is a long half moon shape and this is a comb mascara. The packaging looks cheap:#alttext#

Well at least no one will try to steal it.

The brush:


I actually love this kind of comb mascara – if you have short lashes like me, try them – they seem to get to every single lash can really add length. I do find comb brushes best for length and bristle applicators better for volume.

From the top – it’s like a double ended rubbery comb thing. I like the applicator a lot – the shape of it makes it really nice to apply on the top lashes but also the bottom – especially the bottom.

But look at the formula – it’s a really heavy slightly gooey texture. No fibers (I think) just goo….


My lashes are getting a bit stronger after the harsh perm I had on them. Still a bit crinkly. My M2 lash serum is helping repair them though.


Eek. The brush is somewhat difficult to control. A lot of excess mascara gathers around the base of the brush and before you know it you’ve applied quite a lot. On the other hand, you can wipe it down of course – but still there is quite a lot of product between the bristles.


No doubt that this is a really dark mascara and it builds volume but I tried a few times and all I got was a clumpy mess. The formula is SO rich. Curl was so-so – I thought it would be far better though.

Two coats – and forget it! It looks like an old mascara, not a brand new one:



– This mascara is about £12 to get shipped over so it’s not cheap

– It’s hard to locate

– The formula is too clumpy and thick

– Hard to remove


– The brush is a cool idea

– Great for bottom lashes


This was a big fat fail for me. Perhaps some people have had more luck with the formula but I struggled to make it work – it was like tar. I don’t see how such a thick formula could be good for short, sparse Asian lashes.

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  1. Rebecca Ho says

    thats a shame really.. japanese make up is supposed to be good!! (usually)
    the packaging is reaaaaaly bad
    i swear the font they use is the same as my school names font O.O

  2. Jen says

    Hi Rowena, I’ve got a mascara recommendation for you…Noir Mascara by Nouveau Lashes. I bought it to try because I have notoriously bad luck with so called “waterproof” mascaras because they still smudge like hell on me and are devilish to remove! This one claimed to be based on different ingredients to normal waterproof mascaras I think (can’t remember exact details!) because it says it’s been designed so it can be used on eyelash extensions without weakening the bonds. It’s now my HG daily mascara! Not only does it not smudge and give me panda eyes, it also seems to give a LOT of curl and length (not so much volume-wise, but for work and day-to-day wear I find it brilliant!). Easy to remove as well, with minimal scrubbing away at my lashes! By the way, I’m not advertising for the company LOL but I know you’re always on the lookout for a good mascara (like most of us!) and thought you might want to give this one a try :)
    Thanks for the review on this Sony CP lash sculpture, I was actually considering buying it…probably will give it a miss now!

  3. says

    Thanks for the review! It’s too bad that it didn’t work out for your lashes.
    The brush is interesting; I have yet to try any comb mascaras yet. I tend to cling to my mascara long after it’s way too old 😛

  4. Lili says

    Have you ever tried Maybelline Stylist Mascara? The brush is like a comb, it is the best mascara that I have used so far, other than Majolica Majorca mascara. It gives you a false eyelashes feeling after applying, add volume and make your lashes curler and longer. Regarding to this lash sculpture mascara, I have read so many good reviews about it, so it’s really too bad it didnt’ work for you.

  5. JapanMakeUp107 says

    I actually have this mascara and it works very well on me. [Probably because I have long Asian eyelashes] I totally agree with you on the clump/big blob of mascara on eyelashes and I hate that.

    These are two ways I fix:

    This might take a while but I use a different eyelash comb to separate my eyelashes on my daily make-up routine. Maybe that would help you with your short eyelashes. 😉

    If I am in a rush and I have no time to redo my mascara, I take my ‘normal-brushed’ mascara and apply it on top.