Lavshuca Mix Color Cheeks Blushers in PK1 & RD1 Review and Swatches

Lavshuca and me haven’t been getting on so well lately; their products have been so bland. I mean, compared to what other high street brands come up with over here, they are still far more inventive but I guess I have high expectations.

I purchased two of their newest blushers, Mix Color Cheeks because I realised I seem to forget to apply blusher most mornings. Therefore having everything in a handy compact (highlight, mid tone and deep colour) sounded like a good idea.


I got PK1 and RD2:


There’s nothing remarkable about the packaging – it’s just a plastic case with a soft brush which is quite useable but not amazing.

The blusher itself is nice; medium pigmented, soft, blendable with a slight shimmer that isn’t ugly:#alttext#

Neither colour combo is particularly exciting or to die for – these are really usable, pretty colours that most people can use, no more, no less.

The highlighter looks almost identical in both palettes – it’s a soft pale which highlight. RD1 does not really look red, it’s more of a orange-red:


Swatches will show you that they aren’t miles apart when swatched! I do wish the colours were a tad more punchy perhaps, or even unusual but I guess, at least they are no brainer shades:


(My hand was still manky at this point!)

I used PK-1 on my cheeks here mixed with the lighter shades. It’s subtle but quite nice I like! I’ve been carrying this around in my day to day make up bag because it’s so easy to use:


Overall, not the most exciting blushers you will find but well worth it if you want something useful and just pretty.

I bought these from

Would you buy these blushers?

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  1. says

    Thanks for the swatches and review! I agree with you the colors aren’t anything to be excited for, but if you forget to apply blush/bring your own blush then it wont be a bad idea to pick this up. Yet i think i’d invest in other drugstore brands which have more color variations and more fun to play with (e.g. Canmake cream cheek blushes)

    😀 the pink looks nice on you btw!

  2. says

    Haha, I got PK-1 and RD-2! Love them both, very nice and handy.
    The highlighter is supposed to go under your eyes and on the sides of your nose, it says, though. 😉

  3. says

    Hrm, hrm. It seems quite nice; I like easy to use products. I’ll keep this in mind as I’ve never bought anything from Lavshuca.
    It would be nice if you have time to list your current favorite products some time; I’m totally curious about what you’re using regularly.