A caring mascara? Sisley So Intense Mascara Review


Mascaras for me, is one of those products I’ll never get tired of testing, but there are usually more disappointments than expected.  I have fussy eyelashes.  I got a chance to try Sisley’s newest offering, the So Intense mascara which is both adds volume and cares for the lashes at the same time.  Volume-boosting and lash-fortifying mascara using a brand new Utilising Sisley technology to enhance length and thickness of bare lashes in just 4 […]

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister Mascara & Lash Jelly Drop Treatment Gel Review


Many ladies in the know tell me their all time favourite Japanese mascara comes from Majolica Majorca – their mascara’s are extremely long lasting and are usually very dark and lengthening.  I personally found that their mascara’s didn’t hold curl until I tried their last release, Lash King (I thought I reviewed this but I can’t find the review so I concur that I am seriously going mad…).  I quite enjoyed that mascara however the […]

Rimmel Forever Shape Mascara Review – Perfect for Asian Lashes!


I didn’t want to throw this Rimmel Masacara out without doing a quick review, because it does deserve one.  I’ve had Rimmel’s Forever Shape mascara for some time now – this beauty is a Japan only product (Rimmel Japan has a number of exclusive products and lines) and it is a brilliant mascara for girls with straight lashes like me.  I don’t call many mascaras brilliant, you may have noticed… The spokesperson for Rimmel Japan […]

Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara Review


Heroine Make is a classic Japanese mascara; the range itself is known for it’s excellent eyeliners and their Impact Frame mascara is excellent. However, the other mascara’s in their range is the Volume and Curl and Long and Curl range which is very popular.  In the new packaging (the old one was a dark burgundy with gold lettering): I chose Volume and Curl to try – I was getting fed up of using mascara that didn’t […]

Valentines Day Gift Suggestion No 1: For the glamour puss, YSL Swarovski Love Edition Mascara!


Aloha! It’s time to start thinking about Valentine’s day gifts my dears.  Valentine’s I think, is not just for star crossed lovers; what about your best friends, mums and dads and twitter friends?! So over the next week I have some gift suggestions for you; affordable, easy to buy and just really nice treats.   For the glamour puss or someone who loves YSL Faux Cils mascara, this Special Edition of the mascara includes a […]

Etude House Lash Perm Proof Mascara & Primer Basecara Review


People quite frequently ask me, What is my favourite mascara? And my answer usually is…I dunno. It changes. Plus my lashes aren’t like your lashes, they’re straight and kind of awkward so, it takes a special kind of mascara. It’s like having big boobs or big feet; you need to buy good quality, expensive, rare bras and shoes because otherwise you just don’t have the comfort or support.  Those with average sized boobies and feet […]

Benefit They’re Real Mascara Anniversary Set


Beep Beep! Happy Monday! For lovers of Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara (the UK’s no. 1 best selling mascara, which is crazy!) there’s a They’re Real Anniversary Set which includes a full size & a travel size which launches on the 18th August.  They’re introducing the set early for 2 weeks at selected stores from the 4th August: Those stores includes: Debehams Swansea, Brighton, Belfast, Chelmsford, Mahon Point Cork, Henry Street Dublin, The Covent Garden boutique, […]

Tony Moly Cats Wink Mascara Review (Curl & Longlash, Volume & Longlash)


Tony Moly is another Korean beauty brand, not one of my favourites I have to say, but they do good nail polishes and a large selection of BB creams (none dark enough for me).  I was completely suckered in by the CUTENESS of these mascara’s – Cats Wink in two formulas, Curl & Longlash, Volume & Longlash.  In my experience, Japanese mascaras are better than Korean ones for curl hold and durability. I have yet […]

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