New Mascara Time! Peripera My Lash Serum Dual Mascara Review

I am somewhat at a mascara-dead-zone at the moment.  My lashes aren’t behaving of late, they are super duper straight, and all the mascaras I’ve been using are not holding curl.  It’s so annoying seeing the lashes nicely curled then flop as a single layer of the black stuff is applied; it’s like erectile dysfunction but for the lashes.

So I have been discovering new mascaras again! I don’t fancy anther lash perm, because as fab as they are, my eyes are sensitive and I don’t want to cause any trauma to the area (and people are NOT that gentle when doing perms, I have tried many).

I bought this Peripera My Lash serum Dual Mascara a few weeks ago:

Peripera My Lash Serum Dual Mascara
Quite an arresting orange box, no?!

The tube:

Peripera My Lash Serum Dual Mascara 1

The base coat is a thick, creamy white substance.

It’s actually quite a nice primer – I find white primers quite gloopy (this one is too) and weigh my lashes down. This one didn’t, it coated each lash nicely and retained the curl, ALTHOUGH, I have no doubt this primer is for volume as opposed to curl retention. The brush is a bog standard one:

Peripera My Lash Serum Dual Mascara Review 1

The mascara is a jet black and has a pretty plain mascara brush. It’s fine to use, nothing interesting though:

Peripera My Lash Serum Dual Mascara Review

Know how I said the primer is great?

Unfortunately, once you add the mascara the lashes almost immediately flop, Together they are far to heavy for my lashes, but lashes that can hold curl naturally won’t find this an issue.  It ads a nice amount of volume, length is ok too. Another bonus is it washes off with warm water:

Peripera My Lash Serum Dual Mascara Review 2 1

Clumpy? A little. Nothing you can’t comb through mind, but be wary because both layers are thick so it does get a bit..lashes stuck together-ish.

Alas…this is a decent mascara but without curl hold appeal, it doesn’t get to stay in my immediate mascara collection:

Peripera My Lash Serum Dual Mascara Review 3 1

Meh.  Gives quick nice thick lashes but not that special overall.
*Purchased from eBay.
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  1. says

    “it’s like erectile dysfunction but for the lashes.”
    That is EXACTLY what it is. I’ve tried telling my friends that but of course they just call me a pervert!

  2. Jen says

    If it’s like erectile dysfunction for the lashes, does that mean that all we’re waiting for is the HG Lash Viagra 😀

  3. says

    have you tried any of the old 2 part l’oreal volume shocking mascaras? thats all i use and they hold the curl all day! unfortunately they may be discontinued but you can still pick them up proper cheap off ebay :) xx