Peachy Me!

Aye, I am jumping on the bandwagon! In light of the trend towards Korean brands I picked up this peachy duo – pore minimizing base and powder:


It smells nice
The base really leaves the skin glowy and poreless (nearly)
Its a nice texture to use
The packaging is cute


The base turns you white – I’m a olive girl! I like being olive! Why are you making me white! Anyway it fades after a while but I wouldn’t want to wear it on its own, bearing in mind that

It smells fab, it works pretty well if you don’t mind being a bit pasty. The powder is a bit bleh – I paid around $25 which is ok but if you were in Korea or had a lovely Korean friend you could get this brand for a lot cheaper!


Move to Korea

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  1. MandyPandy says

    I can’t the commercial for this stuff outa my head.

    Def. have to move to Korea!