Clinique Bonus Time and Randomness

I am not a fan of Clinique but I noticed this rather nice GWP from Harvery Nichols, from now untill 21st June.

Buy 2 things and get:

Buy a third and get:

Yes you get a paw.

A friend on mine who works on an adjacent counter says that the Clinique girls are the worst for gossiping, for generally being lazy (they don’t have to try too hard when they have these generous GWP’s) and for wiping down counters with Clarifying No. 2. Hmm doesn’t Clariyfing lotion go up to number 4 or 5? And 2 is astringent enough to clean table tops with…great.

Nevertheless, their spot the blemish gel is great and only £10, and I want to try out their new creamy eyeshadows so let’s see if I have the energy to walk there after work.

In other random purchases, I want to take up baking so I got some pretty sprinkles:

You know one night I will get hungry and just eat them all as a snack.

I got this suspious giftcard from Staples – spend £10 get £10 off? Doesn’t that make it a FREE £10 for just being alive?! Ok I am going to try and get some bits of stationary on my break and see if they accept it or if I will be left red faced at the till, whilst the checkout boy rings the alarm and shouts to the manager,’ SUSANNN! WE HAVE A FAKE VOUCHER USER HERE!!!’

I got this Chantecaille Les Pass-something palette:

Oh, it is beauty itself. I don’t want to use is – shall I keep it pristine or use it? I did set a rule, seeing as I have 2 boxes full on brand new unused cosmetics that I would start using everything – if I get run over by a bus, the Boyfriend will only sell it all in one lot at the car boot sale for £2.50 anyway.

I got American Beauty palette from NARS (now discontined) for £30 from ebay-

Its so BLAH! And, the case doesn’t seem to open properly – do you think I can get a refund from my seller? It is wayyy stiff, the kind of still that makes u open it in a fit of rage, only for your finger to slip and chip out a big wedge South Beach Multiple. Isn’t Ebay all about Buyers rights these days?!

Finally – I spotted this at my nanas –

I’m a soap maker – I know that Lye water can burn holes in the floor and through your stomach, no problems.

Me: Yo! What are you using this stuff for?
Nan: What?
Me: It’s poisonous
Nan: Are you hungry?
Me: This is LYE water it is poisonous
Nan: Don’t be silly
Me: It can poison you *reading label* – (Says add to vegetables to tenderize)
Nan: What?
Me: I am going to throw it away
Nan: What?
Me: I am going to throw it –
Nan: Don’t be silly I can drink it too. Tastes good
Me: It is very very poisonous!
Nan: Are you hungry
Me: For gods sake
Nan: Who are you?

Anyway – I have been researching this very popular Asian food ingredient, contains Potassium Carbonate rather than Sodium Hydroxide (used in soap) but it is still caustic and highly alkaline. Madness! This stuff can not be used without being dilluted a LOT and it has already been dilluted when it is sold to the consumer.

What was my point?

Don’t eat anything your Asian Nan cooks for you!

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  1. Janice says

    I don’t know about you, but lye water is what my mum uses to soak some rice in to make those “rice parcels” that we used to eat (until my bro found outthe truth re lye water too) at this time of year…

  2. R says

    Oh my god! You are totally right. my nan has just made lots of (tasty) Gor Jung Parcels!

  3. MandyPandy says

    I’ll be at that at that carboot sale *searches wallet for £2.50*

    They use lye in pretzels, too. Maybe that’s what make them taste so good?