How Smash(box)ing!

Remember I got Today’s Special Value for Smashbox!

It finally arrived!

Here is my favourite look you can create with the box:

The model looks gorgeous and glowy but, she clearly has brown liquid liner on. That doesn’t come with the kit does it Smashbox!? Or the mascara she clearly has on!

Anyway heres the kit, minus the primer (gave it away) photo op eye brighter (gave it away) and one brush (the plastic cap wouldn’t come off)

I am wearing the kit today. I have to say, it has for ONCE exceeded my expectations!

The three brushes are great -a all practical, all good quality.

The creamy taupe eyeshadow isn’t very soft but it does look nice and so far it is staying on my face.

The blusher is not as vibrant as I like. The highlighter is a nice addition though.

The lipgloss doesn’t last, but boy is it pretty in the summer sun! Its a perfect pink, with gold micro shimmers!

The Eyeshadow trio is ok – I think I may keep it as I am lacking neutrals in my kit.

All in all it was more than worth the £28.

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  1. yummy411 says

    gads! i wanted to see the look on you! i’m glad you feel that you got your money’s worth!

  2. MandyPandy says

    You were right to give away the primer; it broke my skin out like the Dickens!