Spray or No Spray? Airbase Air Brush Make Up Primer Review

The art of Airbrushing so far, is a mystery to me. So at first I wasn’t sure what to make of this Airbase primer, from Airbase Airbrush Make Up, a range of silicone based spray make up for every day use.

Air Brush make up is supposed to give a flawless, light finish that lasts all day. The Airbase Primer thankfully doesn’t require any special skillz…

They say:

Airbase Prime evens your skin to give the perfect base for silicone make-up. Its moisturising properties make it ideal for everyday use and it is formulated to help ensure your make-up lasts all day.


You know I am nuts for primers of all kinds! When it comes to a foundation primer, I have a few favourites; I love Laura Mercier’s for day to day, Etude House’s for pore coverage , Pixi for glow

Basically I haven’t find the ultimate primer, I think that different primers suit different situations and that’s the way I like it!


Airbase Primer comes in a 30ml jar – the packaging is quite simple and basic. I was a bit concerned…

..because I could see this was a clear, thick gel type formula.

I am not a fan of rich silicone primers like Smashbox – I hate it when you rub it into the skin and it still feels like you have a slick on your face. I totally get that some people like that because it makes you skin feel very smooth but I personally hate it. All I can think about it my pores, crying under the weight of dimethicone.



But hold your horses! I was relieved to find out that this primer – whilst it looks like it may leave that greasy layer on your skin – does NOT.

If anything it feels almost like it disappears entirely once it’s on your skin, leaving a slightly smoother feel but no grease. It has a light feel – you only need a pea sized amount – and leaves you feeling quite fresh.


I don’t use airbrush make up so perhaps this primer is amazing when used with with those products.

I used this with my ordinary foundation and I have to say I was impressed. For day to day I would opt for a creamy primer over a gel type but this has worked a treat for the last few weeks because:

1. It’s hydrating

2. It really seems to make foundation stick – areas that I get greasy like like forehead was good all day

3. It prevented the dreaded orangina look – sometimes I find some foundations turn orange on me especially if I sweat a lot and this primer seemed to prevent any colour change




I wasn’t sure what to expect from this primer as it is not the type I would normally go for.

I’d say it’s a great primer though for when you really need something long lasting and it’s also quite good for photography because it’s so natural on the skin (no shimmers, no glitters).

Buy this primer here for £39.95.

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