Review: MAD Beauty’s Jammy Lips Honey Lip Balm

MAD Beauty make lots of quirky little beauty bits and this Honey Lipbalm is one of them…

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For £3.50 its a cute addition to the lip balm collection – it certainly smells good and has a nice texture, and yet, I can’t help feeling this is not intensive lip treatment and is more suitable for the under 18’s…

Like I say, it resembles honey and it smells like honey. They do say on their site, that its a ‘honey scented’ lip balm, it doesn’t actually contain any honey (which is a fab ingredient for the lips).

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So really, its a petroleum based lip balm with some colorant and scent mixed into it. Nothing wrong with that, but don’t think you are getting a stellar organic, natural, honey rich product here. The teenager loves it, and I think its cuteness and quirkyness is best suited to the young ‘uns rather than someone who really suffers from dry lips.

You can view the range here.

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