Wiggly Brush Alert: Skinfood Seaweed Waterproof Mascara Review

My search for the perfect mascara for Asian lashes is never ending it seems.  It’s also quite tiresome to buy a new mascara then find out it’s a dud….

One of Skinfood’s newest ranges is the Seaweed Cosmetic Line. The range has a summer feel to it, and includes waterproof eyebrow pens, waterproof eyeliners (so gorgeous looking but hard to get hold of), two waterproof mascaras in black and navy and 2 bronzers!

I bought the mascara in black:
Skinfood Seaweed Waterproof Mascara Review

I like the seaweed theme, I am digging it.  This mascara has a special wiggly shaped brush and you are supposed to use the end of it to layer the mascara on at the ends of the eyelashes.


The brush I like a lot – it fits the curve of my eyes nicely and gets into all the lashes. Skinfood Seaweed Waterproof Mascara Review 1

The mascara is somewhat dry textured.  I have been using this for a while and I found that it was ok with holding curl; ok but not perfect.

Then the second week I wore this I found it very flaky.  Black strands and clumps under my eye and if they got in – ouch.  I found the lashes clumped together too.

It’s by no means a hideous mascara, it’s fine but had a dryness to it which meant it flaked easily.  Was it waterproof? Kind of yeah. It was more likely to crumble off then run off.

On my lashes:

Skinfood Seaweed Waterproof Mascara Review 2

See? Not feeling it. It’s also a bit tricky to remove.

A bit of a miss I think although I don’t mind paring this with another wetter mascara.

*I bought this from eBay

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