A little hello from me…

Hello Readers!

I got back from my Honeymoon on Sunday and we’ve not had a second to breathe really, what with going back to work straight away and having so many odds and ends to sort out so I still have lots to do. To make things worse, Yuki Kitty is not feeling too good right now, she’s lost weight since we’ve been away and is looking a bit yellow rather than her usual healthy pink which means we have been up all night (its 3am as I type!)  trying to find an emergency vets or somewhere to take her first thing in the morning. 

Exhausted cat

Oh well, life is nothing if not a challenge!

I have lots of things to blog about, the wedding photos, the honeymoon and some amazing beauty finds whilst I was away in Greece, of all places!  (I say this as we were staying in a very touristy resort but I still managed to find a Sephora!).  Bear with me, after sorting out kitty, and lots of cleaning and tidying I hope to be back to some kind of normality.

Thanks to everyone for their lovely well wishes. x

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  1. liloo says

    i lost my long comment trying to complete the maths question for captcha. grr
    welcome back to england sweetie 😉 x

  2. says

    Hope your cat feels better soon…I was a little perturbed by the photo and was relieved to read it was just “resting” and not dead…Felt like a prude typing that – lol!