Hair Cut Time! Am I brave enough to Bob?


So on Wednesday I am having a hair cut – nothing exciting about that right? And most of the time, many hair cuts are pretty regular predictable things…trim…a few layers…shall I get a fringe…nahh…. I am in talented hands this Wednesday, so this has to be the perfect time for something quite different right? I am thinking of having a bob…a proper bob though.  My hair pretty much always errs on the long side, I […]

Happy Father’s Day!


There are different things that we ladies look for when we meet a man; good looks, sense of humour, the ability to set up a wireless home printer network and for me, someone who has that twinkle in his eye that says he will be a good father one day.   I knew for a long time that Mr C would be a good father, but of course you don’t really know how things will […]

Easter Weekend and Technical Woes!


Hello! How are ya all! I have been very quiet this week because although my camera has now been fixed (very quickly by the nice people at Nikon) my laptop has gone to heaven so I am currently waiting to see if it is ore economical to buy a new one or pay rather a large lump sum to get mine fixed. Either way, it’ll be the end of next week before I know which […]

New Granny Hobby Alert: Crochet! Cute Baby! Hats!


As if I have time for hobbies; what with looking after Baby H, an army of kitties, work, household chores – who has time to do ‘other stuff’?! But sometimes that other stuff, even if it’s just for 15 minutes a day (in my case!) is a really nice way to relax a little. So my new hobby is – Crochet. I squarely blame this new hobby on Bubblegarm who makes really beautiful blankets, hats […]

2012, A Year in Cat Pics


At the end of 2011, me and Mr C sat on my Nan’s sofa watching Big Ben chime in a New Year, as we have done for the last few years, wondering what 2012 would have in store for us.  Some years seem to pass so quickly, and it feels like nothing much has changed, or sometimes a few big events during the year, like a death in the family, numbs you for some time […]

A Random Christmas Wish List 2012!


It’s 7am and I have a spare moment ladies, so is it too soon to talk about Christmas?! Nah! I don’t know about everyone else but there isn’t anything overwhelming I want…there never really is, so it’s hard thinking of bits and pieces sometimes for people (apparently I am ‘impossible’ to buy for as I tend to just get what I want!).  Having said that I have been perusing the net and come up with […]

Sick Kitty Update!


A few people have asked me about how our kitty, Yuki Is doing so I thought I’d do a bank holiday update for the kitty lovers out there! Basically, a few weeks ago post honeymoon we came back to a straggly cat who before our week away had been pretty healthy, chubby and strong.  Mr C noticed right away she looked quite yellow, that is on her gums, eyes and ears (later on she had […]

Baby Talk: How to choose a buggy/pushchair?!


Good Day to you all! How are you doing? This week I am 34 weeks pregnant.  Although my bump is still very neat and contained (hehe) I am definitely feeling the weight of carrying a baby candy!  So I get the same tiredness and aching but none of the benefits like people offering me the seat on the bus… Anyway I have just 2 more weeks left of work so I am hoping they will […]

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