Life Update, Chit Chat, Blog Posts….

Aloha ladies!

You may have noticed I’ve been a bit quieter with posting – I’m afraid life is catching up and whilst we have moved house finally in what was a very stressful week, I still now have the business of planning a wedding and I have around 10 days to get everything else into order! I’ve realised a few things such as:

a. People don’t pick their dresses a week before the wedding day and

b. You don’t order invites a week before either! 

Cat ginger

Nevertheless, there are some good things like a little holiday afterwards booked so at least, after what has been the most hectic year of my life, we will get to eat, sleep and paddle in the pool.  

So I am going to try and schedule posts for the week whilst trying not to turn into a bridezilla…so bear with me! I am trying to figure out how to fold favour boxes and locate see through bra straps as I type!


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