Ciate Caviar Manicure Arrives in Selfridges Manchester & a quick review!

Last Friday after work, I traipsed over to Selfridges in Manchester (it was SOAKING WET) to try out the Ciate Caviar Manicure which so many people have been talking about!  Ciate currently have a pop up shop at Selfridges Exchange Square 21-24th June and The Trafford Centre 25th – 01st July if you want to try the kit out for yourself. 


The Caviar Manicure kits are currently available at Selfridges exclusively until August and cost £18 for a polish, beads, tray and funnel. 

There are FOUR nail kits to choose from at the moment:

Mother of Pearl (white base and clear pearls)

Black Pearl (black base and black pearls with a shot of blue? That’s what it looked like!)

Rainbow (pink base, multi coloured pearls)

Jubilee (blue, red and white special edition set!). 

I had the Rainbow design done and my thoughts are:

– It is very quick  to do, about 10 minutes max

– It doesn’t require much skill

– It looks pretty cute

– The beads don’t wear that well not if you are very hands on with things as I am 

– They can catch on things, like clothes, like  A LACE WEDDING DRESS or THE CARPET (I was trying to pull my laptop out from under the sofa and this caught on the carpet and snapped a nail off.  You do have to be a bit careful!). 

– You don’t want to be putting those fingers up any cavities 

– You can def do this with cheaper alternatives as has been covered on many other blogs if you are into this kind of thing and plan to do it regularly (1mm craft beads). 

All in all it’s a bit of fun, not something I would do often but something I’d do on my young cousins perhaps.

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Oh – the process is simple, apply the polish a little thickly (you can use any polish) then chuck the beads on – use the tray so it doesn’t go everywhere, then move on to the next nail. Only when the next nail is painted do you go back to the first nail and pat the beads in so they adhere better.

Top coats aren’t recommended with this technique.

Would you go for these nails?

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