Make Up Off! Heroine Make Eye Make Up Remover Review!

If you have short, straight eyelashes, you can’t beat Japanese mascara for making puny lashes look amazing. However – it is almost inevitable that most of these mascara’s are impossible or at least, very very very hard to remove without scrubbing and some lash casualties. 

I have yet to find a mascara that TRULY holds curl but isn’t a nightmare to get off. 

The answer? Could it be an amazing eye make up remover?! I think so!

Heroine Make Eye Make Up Remover Review

Heroine Make makes some excellent mascaras but they are very very hard to get off. They recently released a eye make up remover (they previously just had a make up remover in a mascara wand with a comb which isn’t very economical). I presumed this would work for their super hard to remove mascara, and I was right! 

This make up remover comes in a small-ish container which is a pretty pink and fits the Heroine Make brand. 

It is dual phase I think although the oily slick is not clear to see maybe as the bottle is pink  but you do need to shake it well before use. 

There are a few things about this mascara remover which is excellent:

1. Despite it obviously containing some oil (otherwise it would NEVER get my mascara off) it does not leave an oily slick at all

2. It doesn’t sting or hurt the eyes

3. It leaves the eyes nicely refreshed 

4. It removes eye make up no problems. Tough mascara will need going over twice but it isn’t too bothersome – I am talking about mascara that is so tough must other removers, regardless of price, would have NO CHANCE removing. 

GUNK! Ewww!
Heroine Make Eye Make Up remover review 1


Economy, baby. 

I’ve had this eye make up remover for slightly over a month and there’s about 1/3 left. I use it every single night so maybe I am just being fussy but my other favourite eyemake up remover, Softymo is VERY VERY VERY long lasting and comes in a huge bottle. It’s cheaper too. 

The texture is different though, this is a liquid and Sotymo is a soft gel/cream type remover. Both are excellent. I’d say Heroine Make cuts through the tough mascara that little bit quicker. I would definitely repurchase this eye make up remover even though it disappears fast, it still works out less than Lancome Bifacial. 

I paid about £8 for this on eBay. 

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  1. Dan says

    Have you tried bioderma sensibio h20? Its a bit pricey but it gets rid of waterproof mascara. A trick that i use is to completely saturAte the cotton pad with the eye make up remover then i leave it on my eyes for a few mins ( eyes closed obviously). Then gently wipe it off ( no rubbing). I use almond oil then sensibio. It’s a pain but i get to keep my eyelashes instead of pulling out at least 5 each time!