My favourite eye make up remover: Softymo Super Eye Make Off

I have super sensitive eyes, the get red and irritated easily, and I lose lashes quite rapidly too. I also find that waterproof mascara, which I do tend to use because of how watery my eyes are, is difficult to remove, especially the Japanese stuff. What’s a girl to do? Look like a panda, go naked or wear crusted mascara untill the lashes fall out?

When it comes to Eye Make Up Removers (and you do need one, a normal cleanser or wet wipes is not good enough since a lot of eye make up is waterproof or water resistant these days), I have tried many.

I am not being a snob, but many of the drugstore items don’t work for me. I either get an stinging sensation OR it isn’t tough enough to remove the make up. I have tried Boots No. 7, Botantics, Neutrogena, L’oreal etc.

When it comes to high end, I am very fond of Lancome Bi-Facial, which does work quite well:

51942_f260.jpg (JPEG Image, 260x260 pixels).jpg

It’s a double layered, shake before use thing. The issue is the price which is £16 over here, steep for a make up remover. It doesn’t last that long either – not if you need to swipe over the same area a few times.

I also like Chanel’s eye make up remover – £14 last time I bought it and you also need to shake it before use. I also have the Nars eye make up remover – I forget the price, I think its around £15, but you do only get 90ml compared to 200mls with Lancome.

But this is about my favourite eye make up remover! which is this one:

Softymo is a Japanese brand and they make various affordable skincare good. This eye make up remover is a gel texture, not watery but not too thick. It’s amazing – you put some on your cotton bud, the tinest bit and hold it over your eye. I have little patience so I hold it for ooh, 3 seconds tops – and off comes one layer of gunk. I rub the lashes a little and the mascara will come off.

It also doesn’t sting or irritate – a big bonus. I find oilier products can cause stinging or the dreaded blurry vision.

This is also affordable. I am liberal with it, I use as much as I need nearly every day, and its lasted me 7 months so far. For 230mls its $68 HK dollars at Adambeauty. The exchange rate isn’t great so it works out at about £7 at the time of writing. It costs a lot more on

Still a bargain!

Highly Recommended :)

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  1. Elizabeth says

    I used to be a dedicated customers to Kielhs cleansers however manchester student homes ripped through my overdraft and I could no longer keep up their regieme. However I’m now hooked on Lush’s “Fresh Farmacy” bar cleanser which is targeted at troublesome skin (though mine is rather well behaved) and I doubt I will ever abandon it. Lather the bad boy up and all traces of makeup are obliterated.

  2. Row says

    Hi Elizabeth!

    Manchester Student Homes ripped me off many moons ago too! I have tried Fresh Farmacy, I liked it on my body but it dried my face out somewhat. My favourite mascara especially is a bugger to get off – I don’t know what they put in it, tar or something…

  3. Elizabeth says

    They’re a horrid bunch aren’t they! What did you study at Manchester? Its an alright place, but I’m more than happy to be home for the hols back in London!

  4. Elizabeth says

    Biomedical science.. the joy! Yeah as soon as I graduate I shall be heading back south for good. x