Nars Haul: Aigle Noir Soft Touch Pencil, Day & Night Palette, Luxor Multiple

I picked up this haul agesss ago but didn’t get a chance to report until now! I bought the Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Aigle Noir, The Multiple in Luxor and the anniversary eyeshadow palette called Day & Night.

The anniversary palettes come in a red box:

NARS Christmas Collection Nars Red.jpg

And special red lettering!

nars anniversary palette.jpg

Inside, there’s a nice mix of colours to take you from – you guessed it – Day to Night! I have most of these shades but in different palettes so its nice to have them all in one place.

Nars Night & Day Palette Anniversary.jpg

Names of the colours:

Most of these colours are part of DUOs. Its quite a sugary, pastely palette with the exception of Night Breed and Underworld. Is it a good palette for winter? Mmm it feels like quite a spring palette for me.

Nars Night & Day Palette Anniversary-1.jpg

Swatches – the top row of colours are all quite light, pastely shimmers:

Nars Aigile Noir Day & Night Palette.jpg

The eye pencil – Aigle Noir is one of the Soft Touch Eyeshadow pencils. The other two (one bronze and one an off white) were ok but this was the most stunning eye pencil of the lot:

Nars Aigile Noir Soft touch pencil.jpg

Swatches – its a black with gold flecks. GORGEOUS!

Nars Aigile Noir Swatch.jpg

Its pigmented, super soft but because its so soft, it definitely creases. Its great as a base – its a shame really because the colour on its own is so stunning, a cream to powder formulation would have been amazing.

The Multiple:

NARS The Multiple in Luxor.jpg

Luxor is a light pink highlighter – where Copacabana is a pearly white, Luxor is warmer.

The new multiples have a much much nicer texture – they are softer and easier to apply without warming up.

Having said that – this is a nice shade but not essential. If you could only take one of the highlighters, I’d say go for copacabana – its more versatile. The light pink edge to Luxor doesn’t make it suit everyone skintone.

Nars Multiple Luxor.jpg

So why did I buy it despite not loving the shade completely I bought it as I collect Nars Multiples. Yep, that’s what I’m calling it.


Nars luxor multiple.jpg

Did a quick look with the eye palette. Its a nice one if you are new to Nars, you’ll get a good range of shades.

Nars Night 7 Day Palette EOTD.jpg

Have you picked up anything from Nars lately?

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  1. Zereen says

    Hey Row! Happy New Year!!! This has definitely reignited my love for NARS – thanks!! xxx