Day 1: RMK Primers: Creamy Make Up Base and Liquid

April Month is Base Products Month! everyday this month there will a review a day on a base product.

RMK Primers



*Ive just realised pictured here is the creamy primer and the colour control base – I do have the liquid primer too and this comes in a square, glass cube jar I just got mixed up at the time of photographing!

I have always said that RMK make excellent base products, and they do. Primers, Foundations, Concealers and Powders. The newer powder foundation release and concealer is so-so. Not an improvement on the existing range, but not awful either.

There are 3 primers to choose from. Creamy, Creamy Matt and Liquid. The foundations also come in (off the top of my head) liquid, creamy, stick and powder form.

I own Creamy and Liquid.

Creamy Shades:

RMK Creamy Make up Base Mat | MAKE UP | PRODUCTS | RMK.jpg

Liquid only has 1 shade (on MY Counter anyway).

I like the primers a lot, although I can’t say they are the best for pore smoothing, or for durability. Yes they are very very nice, but now that I have become a bit of a dab hand at primers, I wouldn’t repurchase them if I ran out.

The liquid primer is a whitish liquid that makes the skin seems a bit brighter, but I didn’t see any pore concealing. It didn’t really control oil either but the overall effect was dewy.

The creamy base I like a lot when my skin is dry – it does a better job of concealing pores (although I am not saying its primary job – still, what use is primer if it can’t do a bit of polly-filling?). However – if you sweat at al, if you get oily at all, it will appear after a few hours of wear. I love the feel of the creamy base but I can’t hand on heart recommended it to ladies that don’t have overly dry skin.

Review was short and sweet, but I give these primers 2/5 for the liquid and 3/5 for the creamy. Harsh, sorry RMK – but I test far superior primers later on in the week.


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  1. says

    RMK sounds like a wonderful product! I’ve tried a sample of their Facial Scrub from a dear friend and they are really wonderful! :)

    • Row says

      Hi Nikki!

      I like their face scrub! It’s not too scrubby, not too watery. RMK have a lot of nice skincare and base products, shame about the colour (at the moment).