Screw You!: Space NK, still rubbish

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I had an itch, an itch that could only be solved by buying Nars Flaming Dust lipstick – alas, I was far too wet and lazy to dash across to Selfridges so silly me, I went into Space NK.

I already moaned about their rubbish service, and they still are, rubbish.

Maybe it was because I splodged in with my big ugly round toed boots and padded coat with a missing button onto their lovely white floor, but I had money in my pocket.

Whilst three girlies discussed Primark leggings and Spanx (I am guessing the two work well together) I checked the bottom of nearly every Nars lipstick on the display to see if I could find flaming dust.

I attempted, like a fool to get someone’s eye contact. It was dodged, like a silver bullet by all three planks. I was on a time limit! The boyf was waiting for me alas, I could idle aimlessly no longer so I left, with their inane chattering ringing in my ears.

I don’t know why the girls in Space NK think everything is their job BUT serving customers. It’s like the Sales Assistant who just has to push in front of you to clean/rearrange a display/put new products out and you just have to move out of the way like a dejected puppy. It doesn’t matter how nice your display/racks/rails are if your customers don’t buy it!

Nars Flaming Dust Lipstick = 0

Contribution towards early heart attack = 5

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  1. says

    I’ve noticed that when I was well turned out, the sales girls at the cosmetic counters were forthcoming and attentive, but now that I don’t put as much effort in my appearance, they can’t be bothered to give me the time of day. I think the sales associates jump to conclusions about how much money I have or am willing to spend, simply based on how presentable I look.

    • Row says

      Hey Pandy

      I thought I was all over that! I have become so accustomed to going to the poshest of counters in whatever the hell I feel like (all i need is money in my pocket, right?) that I dont feel intimidated by most counters, but I do feel horrible whenever I go into Space NK – all those insecurities you have when you are younger and being ignored by snotty sales assistants come back. Someone high end like Space NK you would think relies on superior customer service, but nope.

  2. Aya says

    hey im a huge fan of your blog!
    just to let u know that one of ur past article about Elizabeth Bonbon nude oil Lipglosses…. OL is stand for “office lady” in japan lol
    the cover actually tells that its a must-have everyday nude look for office lady,,, crazy right?
    by the way Lunasol is selling 20th anniversary make-up kit in Feb!
    its got blush, 4eyeshadows, lipgloss, eyeliner and mascara!!

    • Row says

      Hey Aya

      Thanks so much for reading! OL is an office lady!!!! Cool – the shades are very wearable and pretty so I guess that explains it!

      Hmm Lunasol 20th century kit? That’s dangerous to know…

  3. Sofia Petrovic says

    Totally rubbish service and I suspect it has been for about 5 years now. I never go into Space NK shops because of the girls who work there.

    • Row says

      Hey Sofia!

      I always feel this way too – I can’t remember a time when I haven’t been made to feel stupid of the girls haven’t been unhelpful or snotty. I give up on this shop!