Benefit Ooh La Lift Instant Under Eye Brightening Boost Review

Benefit has some classic make up products – I mean, so classic they’re ingrained into our beauty brains; Benetint….Hoola…Bad Gal etc.  Whilst their products don’t always for work me, there’s no doubting that they are highly innovative, always creative and lead where other brands end up copying (the product and the packaging).

Wow, that sounds like an Oscar speech!  But to be honest I am just feeling nostalgic, as I have a Benefit Ooh La Lift Under Eye Brightening Boost to review. Benefit Ooh La Lift Concealer 1

Benefit Ooh la Lift Instant Under-Eye Brightening Boost contains raspberry extracts and light-reflecting pigments to instantly perk up tired eyes. Can be applied on bare skin or over makeup.

Ooh La Lift I believe, is the first Benefit product I ever paid attention to.  I was shopping with my aunt and I remember it being tested on a lady who had quite deep circles, and the shop lady applied a layer of this, and ZING! The circles had gone. My aunt didn’t end up buying this product though because it had a chalky edge to it – it is a sheer light pink after all – and my aunts strong yellow skintone looked odd with it on.

Fast forward many years….

University…First Job…Fell for a boy….and Ooh La Lift has of course been worked on and reformulated over time.

There are SO many under eye concealers and brighteners out there, it’s completely difficult to choose. Ooh La Lift is a BRIGHTENER not necessarily a CONCEALER. Some products that specifically brighten state that you can use concealer with it if you need serious coverage.

Ooh La Lift is indeed a very good brightener and I think the formula is better than it used to be. It’s not chalky on the skin and sinks in to add brightness but also a sort of ‘bouncy’ glow. It works even on my olive skintone.  If you don’t need much coverage this can work on it’s own, if you have dark circles then some concealer wouldn’t hurt.

Having said that – I don’t do racoon eyes. I don’t mind a bit of shadow…makes the face look a bit human. I personally would just cover any circles with foundation then dab this on top (it can go on top of make up too).

Benefit Ooh La Lift Concealer

You can put this in the fridge too to make it nice and cool.

The result – you can see this skin is glowy but not too racoon like:


Benefit Ooh La Lift Under Eye Concealer Brightener


I have tons of under eye concealers but this is one I will have this one in rotation, especially at the weekend when I all I use is Estee Lauder Skin Tint and a bit of this concealer.  I’ve noticed that lots of companies are making brighteners and things, and a lot of them are just quite chalky.  This has a nice texture and is great for people who don’t need that much coverage.

Buy it here for £16.50.


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  1. Jan says

    It is the cooling that I love, thanks for reminding me, I often overlook Benefit but tend to find that when I use their products, they work, which suprises me.