Beauty Yay or Nay? Little Girl in Make Up aka Noah Cyrus

Little Noah Cyrus, Miley’s 10 year old little sister not only wears what seems to be a full face of make up, but also dresses like a older lady:

From one worried mother, a passionate call to arms... It_s time to stop the fashion industry dressing girls of ten like this | Mail Online.jpg

I think Noah is too young to be wearing clothes like that with matching fishnet tights (fancy dress, you cry? Well what is she going dressed as, an exotic dancer?) and to be wearing a full face of make up – a glitter gel (applied badly) and some nail polish perhaps, but blush, eyeliner, lipstick etc. Too much!

But then this comes down to the parents. Bad Billy Ray Cyrus.

Yay or Nay?

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  1. liloo says

    definitely nay. reason no.1: little girls are not meant to be sexy, cos it’s just plain wrong. Little girls dressed as fairies, angels, princesses, witches tutus, and all that: yes. French cancan, exotic dancers etc: no

  2. Elena says

    I see next JonBenet Ramsey on this kid…. where’s the mother to punch her in the chops for letting her girl become a prey for pedophiles???

  3. Alex says

    The outfit looks like a dance costume, so I could see wearing it if she had a recital or something, but I don’t see any reason why fishnet tights should be involved. Also, waaay too much makeup. Little kids should look cute and fresh not like tiny trollops.

    • Row says

      Hi Alex

      It could be a dance dress I guess. I know when I watched my cousin do dance perfomrances they always smothered them in hideous make up and nasty little dresses. Bleh.

  4. nia says

    cute pink blush (like benefit’s dandelion) and cute pink gloss; that should be the only make up on her face. other than that; definite NO NO.

    you’re right about the parents part, they shouldn’t try to cash on their little girl too early.

    • Row says

      Hi Nia

      Oh yes, they’ve got a cash cow in Miley, no wonder they are pimping out the second child already!

    • Row says

      Hey Lucky

      You ever know. The kids I know aged 7-10 seem to do more hip shaking to Beyonce and Akon then they do to Paddington Bear: The Greatest Hits.

  5. Beth says

    I say YAY…she looks cute. So it is a little makeup…no big deal it will wash off. My daughter wears makeup for dance recitals all the time.

    The only thing I would say nay to would be fishnet hose. I say go for tan/nude or black pantyhose and if you dont have them then use dance tights.

  6. Amina says

    It almost looks like she’s wearing a costume, so in that case, it’s no big deal. I got my first makeup palette when I was 10, but it was just for playing dress up during my free time…not for wearing out everyday.

    Maybe this little girl is just playing dress up…it’s really hard to tell with just one photo.