Bliss Instant Mattification Pore Perfecting Gel Powder Review

I was sent this Bliss Instant Mattification Gel to try a while ago and I largely ignored it. Why?

Whilst I do get oily skin I am sort of in denial about it because my cheeks are very dry. I am always torn between hydrating the flakes on my cheeks but also dealing with the blackheads I get.

Bliss’s Instant Mattification Pore Perfecting Gel dries to a powder like finish and can be used on its own or under make up:


They say:

Apply this genius gel-powder on clean skin or over makeup to instantly eliminate shine, and have it tackle large pores and clogged pores at the same time. With self-activating ‘smartsponge’ technology, that goes to work right where you need it to.

You only get 15ml in a tube. It’s pretty compact and should be used on areas where you need it (ie. the T-zone).


I guess my other worry with this kind of mattification product, is that I have tried them before and they either make my foundation drag and set badly, or they make my base cling to any dry spots and it looks cloggy, thick and clumpy as the day goes on.

Luckily…this product from Bliss is rather fab.

I only cracked it open because I knew I had a long day ahead, and with my slightly sweaty, erm, face, I wanted to test it out under some foundation.

It worked a real treat – it helped my foundation last so, so, so much better on the t-zone.

Here is the gel:


The gel is almost like a vaseline texture and sinks into the skin quickly, concealing pores quite well and mattifying the skin. It’s not unnatural or drying at all.

More than anything, it really helped my base stay put (my foundation slides off 5 hours in even with powder on top) so this is highly recommended for ladies like me with medium oily to very oily skin, on it’s own or as a primer.



Note it contains Salicylic Acid, which is good for zits and blackheads too!

Like this product a lot and will use it whenever I really want my make up to stay put or for a matte finish for photographs!

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