Super Handy Highlighter! Kerren Multi Highlighter Stick Review

Kerren is a Korean make up brand I just recently discovered…it’s odd when you make a new brand discovery…it’s like being let in to a secret…

The range that I saw looked relatively interesting, although the packaging is nothing special. They seem to make a lot of base products like powder and foundation – I tend to keep away from Korean base items as they are too light for me.

I did buy this Multi Highlighter stick because I liked how compact it is! It’s about the size of a lip balm – usually highlighter sticks are the size of Nars Multiples:

Kerren Multi HIghlighter 1

The packaging is rubbish – PANTS.  It’s just cheap plastic and I am sure it will start to show hairline cracks.  The product:

…is a pretty standard pearly white with a touch of pink:

Kerren Multi Use Highlighter

It is an cool white but it doesn’t look too harsh – there is a softness to it I find, that a lot of white highlighters don’t have.

When I think about highlighters, I love buying them but I don’t usually have time to apply them.  I guess this one is similar to Nars Copacobana, although it’s got a softer texture to work with:

Kerren Multi Use HIghlighter stick

The size of the stick is great, you can apply it anywhere on your face and blend it in.  I applied it (badly) under the brows but you get the idea – it’s very handy.

There’s a fine shimmer to it, very fine without visible glittery chunks which makes a nice different. I prefer this to any of the Nars highlighter multiples I have because it’s so soft and easy to use.

Kerren Multi Use Highlighter Stick 1

It’s just an easy product to use  – if you apply it as a base it does crease unfortunately although it does set slightly – it doesn’t just stay creamy on the skin!

I bought this from eBay for £10.

What are your favourite highlighters?


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  1. Jen says

    First time I’ve heard of Kerren, thanks for introducing yet another brand to try out 😀 Highlighter-wise, I usually reach for the Sleek highlight and contour kit, or Benefit Moonbeam