Like a clown: Etude House Tea Drop Eyeliner in Metallic Silver

I say like a clown, because you know how some clowns have those super creepy tear drops drawn on their faces?

When I was a kid, my aunt had her bedroom decorated with that horrible clown wall paper and this clown had a drawn on tear drop…nice. Not nightmare inducing at all.

Anyway Etude House’s Tear Drop eyeliner is supposed to be one you can use to add some highlight, indeed in a tear drop like manner if you wish, around the inner corner of your eyes.


This eyeliner is liquid, medium thick and very metallic with some sparkle. Once again I reiterate that it is not for all over, just for the inner corners to add some light. It takes a moment to set on the skin which for me was a bit of a problem as with my watery eyes it started to run….Example:


This comes in a few colours, gold, silver, a rose gold from the V Line Tan range and a pink.

Packaging is ok – it’s light and plastic.

If you can stop crying for 2 seconds and let this stuff dry properly, then it does stay put rather way without leaving sprinkles of glitter everywhere. It’s easy to remove – well, in my case it’s faded off by the end of the day anyway.

Not keen on the applicator – some people say it’s a sponge tip but to me it feels like a brush. It’s a bit thick and not good for precision application.


This stuff, despite my dislike of wet products used around the inner corner of the eye, works pretty well. I imagine it’ll work nicely for all eye shapes but I did find it added some sparkly highlight, finishing off my eye make up nicely.

It’s not something I’d wear on it’s own though without say, eyeshadow – it’s a bit too dressy for that



Surprisingly nice product, only cost £7 from eBay with shipping and recommended for a bit of glamour. Only negative is that it can run and doesn’t last all day.

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