The Ped Egg

Hard skin accumulates easily on the feet easily, especially for ladies and gents on their feet all day.

When I was a kid, I used to watch my nan, mum and aunts, hardworking people that they are, cut off the hard skin off their feet with a razor blade. I actually did it for my aunt and nan a few times, quite cathartic, a little bit gross but highly effective.

But…it’s hardly safe. Drew blood a few times….

“You didn’t cut it too far in did you?”

*me, wiping off the blood* “No, of course not! I’m not an idiot!”

I’ve never had much luck with foot files or any kind.

142-10.jpg (JPEG Image, 568x376 pixels).jpg

Too soft! Chinese Feet + Light Exfolation = No joy.

Anyway, a decade on, a dodgy cuticle and a verruca aside I don’t have many feet problems. I discovered these Japanese feet razors:

Japanese ankle rough skin razor -

They are AMAZING. So good but gentle at the same time – a testament to Japanese engineering methinks.

So a while later a reader mentions something called a Ped Egg. What a bizarre sex toy I think. After further research, its actually this:

There’s nothing I love more than these As Seen of Tv products. The nicer dicer? Got it. The halogen cooker? Got it. The 6 second abs? Got it.

Ped Egg is super cheap from eBay I got mine for £2.50.


It looks like….an egg. It comes with 2 files you can stick on the base if you wish.


I know, a cheese grater.


It comes apart to throw away all the dead skin cells. Yukky!


I like the Ped Egg, and yes, it does work. Mine leaked a bit though I have to say, and I had a nice sprinkling of er – foot flake. Aside from this, it has benefits over the Japanese foot razor because it has a place to catch the dead skin and is gentler. I still prefer the Japanese razor as it means business and really gets the dead skin off. This Ped Egg takes a bit more work and practise but it’s pretty good, for £2.50.

You can’t get addicted too or your feet will get raw and sore.

I see a business opportunity here – my family can ditch the razor blades and I can go round filing feet in return for Selfridges Vouchers. Oh, to be 14 again!

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  1. mandypandy says

    I suspect our hardened, Asian hooves are an evolutionary adaptation, which arose from being barefoot and pregnant much of the time. Something had to protect our tiny toes from the cold, hard, kitchen floor.

    I hate the PedEgg. When it first came out, the grating-bit was too sharp, and caused my feet to bleed profusely. I think this was a common problem for the PedEgg, as later models were very dull and didn’t exfoliate very well at all.

    Where can I find this Japanese-razor of which you speak?

    • Row says

      Hey Pandy

      I agree, Ped Egg is not as abrasive as I’d like (but then its a fine line because I am sure it gets addictive. You can buy the razor on eBay or here, (search for razor) or on (I think tis quite cheap there, about $4)

    • Row says

      Hi Pandy

      Use it dry. It’s pretty damn good, the more I use ped egg the more I don’t like it. Also the flakes of skin leak though!