Stuff you should know: Gallery & Blog Updates for May!

Can you believe its May already?!

May brings a few updates of Cosmetic Candy – firstly, the Swatch Gallery has FINALLY been updated. I have lots of images to add, its just finding the time to do them…its incredibly time consuming!

cat new mystery.jpg

1. Gallery

Anyway, check out some of the new images on the Concealer Gallery, Brow Products Eye Pencil Images, Nail Gallery or Lip Pencil Gallery.

A search will be added soon so its easier for you to find images – for now you can browse for fun!

2. Reviewers Wanted

I’ve mentioned before that I am looking for reviewers – this is still very very much the case and I will soon start doing short posts with the item I need reviewing, a person spec (if necessary) and I will get a questionnaire for each reviewer to use as a guideline.

Its a case of organising this as I have so many things, I also need to be organised to I can send them all out at the same time! Keep your eyes peeled!

3. Blog Sale

There is now a new blog sale button:

Eyebrows Gallery | Cosmetic Candy.jpg

– at the top of the webpage – as mentioned before I will now do smaller blog sales and will add each one to the “blog sale page” so you can easily browse current and past sales for some bargains!

4. Videos

Finally this week I will start filming some videos for You Tube and Cosmetic Candy! Never done this properly before so its daunting and exciting at the same time. I am aware that with the filming and editing, it may take another 2 weeks for them to be up but hopefully, it will be worth it!

Disagree with something? Agree with something? Have no idea what I’m talking about? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. says

    Cool new updates. Love reading cosmetic candy and I make sure to check after every 5 hours. Don’t wanna miss a single post. :)

  2. says

    heya! I would totally review for you. Started a makeup blog myself and haven’t gotten to far, but my general vibe is pretty obvious. If you’re interested, lets do some stuff! Woo!