Philosophy Tantalizing Tangerine and Luscious Lime 2 in 1 Bath and Shower Gel Review

I’ve actually had these Philosophy shower gels sitting in my ‘new stuff’ shelf for months because I’m finding it impossible to be torn away from Elemis shower cream.

Although I am a fan of Philosophy, I wasn’t sure about if these shower gels would just be like bog standard shower gel put into a pretty bottle. A few other brands have ripped off Philosophy in terms of packaging and product so I guess it’s a bit ironic that their products now remind me of their competitors first!

I was given two to try, Tantalizing Tangerine and Luscious Lime:


These come in huge 480ml bottles – they are also 3 in 1 which is a pretty cool idea and because the scent is lime and tangerine, it’s unisex too. I have to say when Mr C uses my girly products I find it disconcerting – he smells like girl.By 3 in 1, I mean a shower gel, bubble bath and shampoo. Now I tried shampooing with this – not for me, my hair is dry and knotty as it is but for Mr C or someone with shorter, oilier hair, it’s great.

As a bubble bath and shower gel it’s great too. It really does smell fruity and not in a fake overbearing way. I was also surprised how nice it left my skin feeling – my skin feels stripped quite easily and I can say these really don’t do that despite being so foamy.


I guess these are my current favourite zesty and foamy shower gels. I usually use creamier products but since these don’t strict my skin I’ll rotate which product I use depending on my mood!

Any downsides…well nothing really other than I am struggling to find a stockist in the UK! If anyone knows where people can buy these shower gels let us know in the comments!

You can buy Philosophy on QVC.

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  1. Elise says

    I have the Lime one, along with Cinnamon Buns and all the Graces. Get the obscure ones, like Eggnog off EBay. They smell so edible, but aren’t (yes, I had to try -sigh)

    • Row says

      Hi Elise

      This is my first experience with Philosophy Shower gels I really like! I wonder if the cheap versions are as good?

  2. Jen says

    I love fruity bath products…nice and refreshing! The 3in1 reminds me of the Lush shower/bath products that you can also use in your hair. The only places that I’ve seen selling the Philisophy range are John Lewis and Selfridges, but not sure if I’ve seen these particular products

  3. Andrea says

    auwwuwu just the idea of lemon and tangerine :) love those smells i dont think we can get those over here yet.