Like the Milky Bar Kid: SPC White Chocolate Body Cream Review

SPC Skincare is a British beauty brand that try and bring the Spa experience to your home. Which sounds good to me, apart from the fact that that their range doesn’t come with slave to massage creams into my legs too.

So how does a bit of white chocolate body cream sound?


They say:

The creamy and tropical blend of Coconut Oil and Cocoa & Shea Butters, rich in Vitamins A & E are aimed to deeply moisturise and help strengthen and improve your skins’ tone. The soothing cream will help minimize stretch marks while Sweet Almond Oil nourishes and protects from dehydrated skin.

White chocolate or dark chocolate? I guess it’s personal choice…In real life I prefer dark chocolate or milk chocolate. White chocolate is far too sweet. But in skincare products, White Chocolate works I think.

This mousse style cream is rich without being too heavy and smells very nice – sweet and chocolate like. I do wonder if the bees would be somewhat attracted to me when I use this. The scent stays on for less than an hour so you won’t walk around smelling like a sweet shop.


It’s a 200ml tub and it feels HUGE like it’ll last for quite a while! It sinks in quickly but then my skin is pretty dry. It made my skin very soft with minimal irritation (most body creams make me a little bit itchy).


It’s a lovely body cream, it’s not cheap though so there are alternatives out there if you want a body moisturiser for less. If you can and want to indulge then you can buy it here for £37.50.

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  1. Jen says

    white chocolate isn’t even made from cocoa :s it’s definitely too sweet for me to eat too much of it, although I did use to be partial to the white choc toblerone bars!