Everything for brows in a box! Urban Decay Brow Box Beige Betty Review

Even though in reality, my eye brows are quite thick and dark and therefore does not need much more pigment, I still like toying with brow products.

My favourite item for brows is Shu Uemura Hard Pencil. It’s just so easy to use. But I like the idea of having everything in one place – this is where Urban Decay’s Brow Box comes into play.

In this pretty, purple kit is a pair of tweezers, a brush, two brow powders and a wax:


First impressions – what a cute box! But kinda bulky. I hate bulky packaging, even if it’s pretty. Unless its Jill Stuart…I can forgive Jill Stuart packaging under any circumstances.

In the top of this compact lies the mirror, tools and two powders, and in the bottom is a large tray of brow wax. Brow wax is the bomb! It keeps all your hairs in place and also can be using with the powder so that it really sticks and stays in place.

Push the push pop:


And out pops….
The brow wax! I’m glad you get a lot of this because it’s quicker to get through. Do not be alarmed by the beige colour…it’s pretty much clear when applied.


Oh let’s talk about shades! There’s four to choose from:


I don’t like anything too dark, so I went for Beige Betty. I find that brow products always run darker than they look.


The applicator is a synthetic angled brush – it’s ok. The tweezers aren’t quite Shu Uemura but they are ok for thick hairs. They don’t catch find or short hairs.

The powder looks like it isn’t very pigmented – it is seriously pigmented enough for brows, especially when mixed with the wax.


Brows with no product:


Brows with Beige Betty, a mixture of the powders:


I like this it works pretty well!

Overall I like the Brow Box – it has nearly everything you need and is rather nice to use. On the downside though, it’s a bulky little box – I wouldn’t carry it around with me or even take it on holiday, I’d take something that’s more space saving to be honest.

This retails for £15 from Boots, Debenhams and the usual Urban Decay retailers but don’t bother – I bought this from eBay for just £8 including post and packing, brand new!

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  1. says

    I wonder if you could depot the brow colors and the wax and put them in a small palette – like one of MAC’s 4 shadow palette :)

  2. Jen says

    I’ve used the Benefit Brow-zings set for what seems like forever(!), t’s essentially the same as the UD kit, but comes in a fairly compact black compact that looks quite sleek. Once I hit pan on that, I ventured into Shu Uemura territory and have loved their brow products! I find the hard 9 brow pencil is great for if you’re in a hurry, and my new discovery, the brow gel (only comes in 2 shades in UK so far) is absolutely brilliant, very natural looking and keeps hairs in place…it’s like the wax and colour all in one, so you need only apply one product…brilliant! Have you tried any of these, and what did you think of them?

  3. Ninja says

    Hi, I just left a comment on your review for the Clarins Eyebrow Kit.
    Do you prefer the Urban Decay Brow Box over the Clarins Kit?