Shopping99 & Mu Gu

Remember when I said something made me really excited a few weeks ago?

Well it was a brand, a shop! Yup somewhere new to buy stuff. (well it made me giddy anyway…)

It began with this video:

Nice, cute palette. Mu Gu? Never heard of it. Did some investigations and it turns out that its a rather cool Taiwanese brand. It’s sold on a website called – Shopping99.

Shopping99 is split up into four sub shops, Pretty99, where you can buy Mugu and bargain cosmetics, Life99 which has tons of very cute household goods, but the majority of it cannot be shipped to the UK (boo hoo!), Fashion99 (some really cute bags and jewellery here – I won’t even chance the clothes which will be teeny), and Vogue 99 which has more high end cosmetics and skin products.

I have a big-ish haul that arrived last week – dreaded customs got it, so I paid around £29 fees (well, the boyf did) for an order costing £100. Crap I know – the “handling” fees alone were £14.

Because there’s so much I will go through the haul this following week! So bye bye Beauty Tool week, Hello Mu Gu week. I will also get a website tutorial together because I had real trouble shopping on there. You need to get it right because the customer service for foreigners is non existent.

Check back this week to see the haul close up! x

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