Low exchange rate woes…

There was a time when sterling was so strong we could buy with abandon – there was even a time when the rate was so strong that even Paypal, who always seems to charge you an extra quid or two, was giving me exactly 1:1 on the US dollar.

Alas the £ is at an all time low. Feast your eyes on this gorgeous palette:

It should be around £26 for the foundation, the case and tax. With the exchange rate and shipping its about £39 (after paypal adds on its magic bonus fee that is never explained!! Bearing in mind they will ALSO charge the seller for receiving the fee).

What do you think? Is it work £39 (approx $78)?

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  1. Andrea says

    Hello Row!
    I love your blog, btw… Read it everyday!
    I think it is totally worth it, and I am seriously tempted myself. However, I don’t know if any of the colours would suit me. I believe (from their colour chart) I am somewhere between 010 and 030 (020, ha ha!).
    But I would definitely get it. The problem is I think I have too many powder foundations, and should give them a chance – instead of buyig new ones. But the case is just gorgeous, no?
    Thanks for the great posts and talk to you soon!

  2. Helly says

    ahhhhhhh see i’m not the only person complaining!!
    i thought it was just me that paypal steals moneyy

    and no its not worth it. better to go japan and buy all at once!! 😀

  3. Row says

    Hey Andrea

    Snap! I also have too many powder foundations (I dont even LIKE powder based foundations!) but still I buy more. the case is exquisite isnt it? But definately on the pricey end. I bought the Suqqu transparent powder years ago and that was expensive about £80 and I never used it!

    I think I would be the 070 – in reality Im not that dark :)

  4. Row says


    oh yes _ I need to add a few quid onto anything I pay for with paypal since they nicely help themselves to a bonus! i hate it!