Have you tried Nail Polish Removing Cream? Etude House Nail Polish Remover Review


I was first introduced to nail polish removing creams about a year ago when I bought this black tub full of a rich creamy gel that looked similar to a cleansing balm.  I believe it was a Thai product and much to my surprise it worked really well at taking polish off…and then before I could do a review, I lost it (the remover,I mean).  Suddenly there are lots of nail polish removing creams on […]

Tony Moly Nail Polish Lacquer Glitter in Wonder Woman Red & Blue


The first time I paid attention to Tony Moly’s nail polishes was with their rather spectacular Galaxy polishes - since then I’ve kept an eye on their other releases.  When I spotted this rather small Wonder Woman collection, containing a striking Wonder Blue GS11 and Wonder Red GS12 I had to buy them! Both of these polishes are super glittery with small silver particles and larger rounds chunks of blue and red glitter.  I think these […]

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