Screw You! Home Delivery Network or Yodel; Different Name Still Crap Couriers

I first ranted about Home Delivery Network on December 2008 – now I hear that they will be rebranding as “Yodel”. I wonder why? Maybe it’s because when I mention “Home Delivery Network” there’s always a group *facepalm* followed by, “They’re shite!”.

Anyway so I bought some boots from New Look, paid £4.95 for Next Day Delivery and waited…and waited…

I know when a courier is screwing with me so I called HDN throughout the day to make sure they were on track. Once it got past 3pm I started to get a bit tetchy, and decided that even though we have a concierge who will take mail for us, I would wait in just in case.


I called Home Delivery Network four times from the times of 4pm – 6.55pm.

The lady I spoke to said that the driver:

– Didn’t pack the van until 12.40pm (doesn’t that normally start at about 6/7am?)
– He would deliver all his parcels regardless of how long it took

So I waited in, waited, waited, waited…..

At 9.15pm it became obvious they weren’t coming. I track the item and it’s changed (I have been tracking it all day so it only changed in the last 20 mins):


So my parcel was returned at 19.55pm. No delivery was attempt was made, that was for sure. Driver must’ve ran out of time, but why is that MY problem? Surely they need a proper system in place to make sure guaranteed deliveries are, well, delivered, not just a ‘I’ll just stop now because I’ve run out of time because I started work late”

Companies need to start listing what courier company they use for deliveries because if it’s Home Delivery Network, I’ll give it a miss.

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  1. kirsty says

    I really lucked out with my HDN guy, it seems! He stops by first thing in the morning, and if I sleep through it he comes back again at about half 10 and he always has a smile on his face!

    He went on holiday a while ago so I was stuck with some guy that couldn’t figure out where my door was for whatever bizarre reason. I phoned up and complained and they guy I spoke to was not surprised in the slightest. He told me that the majority of their drivers are idiots, that he could add a note explaining where my door was, but the guy was unlikely to bother reading it. He was genuinely surprised when I said my usual guy was so awesome and marvelled at the fact that he hadn’t been head-hunted by another company yet (err… does that normally happen in the delivery industry? lol)

    The fact that their customer service team can’t even be bothered to lie about the state of their company/workers really says a lot :/

  2. Jen says

    I feel your frustration! The last HDN delivery I had was returned to the depot with no attempt at delivery, and also no card was posted through to say they had tried to deliver! Absolutely pants!

  3. says

    I’m waiting on HDN couriered parcel at the moment – luckily it’s only for a book – if it were for something as important as clothes I’d be tearing my hair out! They attempted delivery yesterday and left a card. We went online to schedule redelivery using the tracking number, which it didn’t recognise and the website said to ring the premium rate number, which funnily enough did recognise our code, after playing us recorded messages whilst we paid £1.50 a minute for the pleasure. We shall see what today brings I suppose. I’ve no idea why sellers use HDN, all it means is I won’t use them again.

  4. Mhairi says

    I ordered a pair of boots from New Look on Friday, just looked at the tracking order section and that’s them supposed to be on the van for today…. except I was supposed to be collecting an order from Boots today for my Urban Decay palette today! So I can get one or the other today, unless my boots come in the next couple hours!

  5. liloo/tsunimee says

    ugh ugh ugh this is making my blood boil just reading. i am always nervous when it’s a courier delivery because i dont have a concierge and they never leave a card saying they have been. in fact i would want to know everytime i order something who is handling it, royal mail or any other independent company. good job it wasnt a christmas present!!

  6. Alison says

    I ordered a coat from new look on the 19th October and paid for the standard 2-3 days delivery. Still Waiting! I am 27 weeks pregnant and it is getting cold out here so i have no coat because hdn have no idea where it is. New look has started a investigation but nothing further has come out of it. And their response is that they will refund me for the coat and then i can buy it again. Erm no i got that coat in the 20% off coats sale and now it is full price. My bump is gonna freeze and be on display to jack frost! Emotinal pregnant lady here, do you want a blubbering wreck on the phone to you if i do not see this coat magically appear by tomorrow in time for my baby shower :'( grrrr wont be ordering from them ever again

    • Row says

      Hi Alison

      That’s the thing – it puts me off the retailer too not just the courier. At that price they shud send it by a proper courier!

  7. g.lucas says

    Because I am new to the UK & can’t get credit yet, a friend ordered a headboard & divan set for me through Kay’s on 24 September. The headboard arrived promptly, but I am still waiting for the mattress & divan. Twice, delivery was scheduled for morning hours – I am a teacher and cannot take time off easily. HDN seems completely unwilling to accommodate working people. The employee said I just had to ‘take my chances’ – when I was called about redelivery, it may be morning, it may be afternoon…maybe I’d get lucky. I was told that sometimes, due to bank holidays and such, deliveries were made on Saturdays. The third time, we arranged delivery to go to my partner’s house; he left his garage open all day, but no delivery was made. A message was left on my mobile saying that, due to an ‘IT issue, scheduled deliveries weren’t made and [I] would receive a call to reschedule delivery.’ I called HDN when I got home and was told the same thing – an ‘investigation’ was being made, and I would be contacted. Several days passed, and I had heard nothing, so I called back. I asked what sort of investigation had to be done; I was told that my bed had been ‘returned to the warehouse, but it couldn’t be located’ and that when they found it, someone would call. I told the employee what had been said to me about Saturday deliveries; computer errors at their depot – which are NOT the customers’ faults – should be one of those times when HDN works to rectify their mistakes and deliver on weekends. I was told that ‘wasn’t how it was done.’ A few more days went by, and the friend who bought the bed for me and I both called Kay’s to complain. Remarkably, within a few hours, I received a call saying that my bed would arrive at my flat this past Monday. Half term had started, so I would be home to sign for it. Monday came, and I had a feeling that there would be another glitch, so I called HDN around 9 am. I was told that the bed was scheduled to be delivered to my partner’s house. I had verified with the employee who had called me to arrange delivery that it needed to come to my flat, since Kay’s said a signature was required – HDN had told me twice before that it wouldn’t be necessary. Also, my partner was at work, and had not left his garage open. The employee – who didn’t seem to give a rat’s behind about all the hassle I’d been through with them – called the truck driver to find out where they were (in case my partner could leave work & unlock his garage); I was then told that, due to ‘ongoing computer issues,’ my bed hadn’t been placed on the truck – AGAIN! Understandably, I was ready to spit feathers by this point. My friend called HDN for me and after lots of back and forth, with all sorts of excuses being made by HDN (at one point she was told that they had ‘located’ my bed and that it’s delivery would be a ‘priority’) , she was ‘assured’ that my bed would arrive today between 7-10:30. It’s the last day of half-term, so if it doesn’t come today, that’s it. There’s been a note on my mailbox since Monday, listing my mobile number since my door buzzer doesn’t work. I woke up early, made sure the note was still there; I have the windows in my flat open so I can listen for a truck, and I keep looking out the windows…..If it doesn’t arrive, I will be contacting the local trading standards company and filing a formal complaint. I will also be filing a complaint with Kay’s. As an earlier post states, online companies should *tell* customers who they use as couriers/delivery companies so that we can stay away from those that use HDN/Yodel /White Arrow (or whatever they call themselves….why would a company change its name so often unless they are completely inept and trying to ‘hide’ from dissatisfied customers or trying to fool potential ones into thinking they are competent?)

    • Row says

      Hi G.

      I agree! It’s amazing how many hoops you have to jump through JUST to get something delivered

  8. Alison says

    So yesterday still had not received anything so new look refunded me then I had to buy it again and it actually arrived this afternoon. Finally. New look were not very good about it xxx

  9. g.lucas says

    Bed didn’t arrive yesterday…..when I called around 8:30, I was told that the order had been cancelled, so the bed was taken off the truck. Naturally, I complained – again – about the incompetence of the company….the agent got the manager at the call center to call the Bolton depot to find out what was going on. When we called Kays last week, the first order was cancelled and the bed was reordered. When that happened, someone (either at Kays or at HDN) kept the original receipt number on the order, making it appear as though the order had 6 parts rather than only 3. When the truck was being loaded, it appeared to the drivers that half the order was missing, so they didn’t deliver….why someone didn’t catch this earlier, why nobody at the call center could be bothered to check into this when I called Monday, I just don’t know….So………..they have completely cancelled the order and reordered it – AGAIN. No idea when it’s going to come, but supposedly, I will get it the day after it arrives – yeah right! Of course, half term is over, and I’m sure HDN won’t be willing to deliver at MY convenience, so it looks like I’ll have to take a sick day so that I can be here to sign for it. Alison, you’re right: it’s made me hesitant to become a Kays customer, at least as long as they use HDN (or any of its aliases)… glad you got your coat though – stay warm!

  10. Tom says

    They’re absolute crap! Bought shirts on line. HDN’s website refused to recognize the tracking number, no phone number to contact as you require the number from the delivery card, and the goods hadn’t been delivered. Then the delivery card comes on 10th and I rearrange delivery on line for the 12th. Again no way of phoning them. Come home on the 11th to find they’ve been again and left another card. The Yodel website wont accept another redelivery and states I have to phone. I attempt to phone, but the automated system refuses to accept my house number even though it is written on the card. Fed up and demanded refund. What a useless bunch of tossers!

    • Row says

      Hi Tom

      I have yet to experience “Yodel”

      Couriers should always have delivery info up and avail easily. Any that hide this doesn’t have the customer services in place to deal with enquiries!

  11. Daniel says

    Hey :)

    I ordered from Dolphin Music on wednesday that uses a delivery service called ‘Yodel 48′ …I’m assuming that’s the same company.
    But its meant to be delivery within 48 hours and I’m sure their latest time is 5:30pm… They have under an hour and a half!

  12. Cwade says

    I ordered shoes from new look and paid £4.95 for next day delivery it’s 3 days on and still no shoes. They must have the worst delivery system ever. I want my money BACK!

  13. Bogwart says

    But what do you expect with this snow and ice? Depending where you are you’re lucky to get anything. In South London I haven’t had Parcelforce/Royal Mail deliveries for a week, let alone HDN, UPS and DHL to other people I know. Even damn Tesco couldn’t manage to delivery my shopping and I can’t get out of the house.

    I don’t think it’s fair to whinge about them with this weather unless you live somewhere where everything’s been gritted.

  14. says

    well I ordered from hmv, last time royal delivered my goods :)
    this time its yodel what the hell?
    9days my game has still not arrived….
    i phone up yodel, and they ask for my address, i tell them, and all the twat on the phone could say is, we couldnt find it, so i explain, and he tells me to tell hmv and not him?
    what the actual helll 😐

  15. Courier but not a Yodel one!! says

    Please don’t brand all courier companies the same. HDN are paid by the hour and work approx 10 hours a day. If they don’t deliver all their parcels on that day they get hell regardless of the reason. I am self employed at earn a shitty 50p per parcel and I won’t bend over backwards for anyone. If a customer is not in tuff, it gets left in a bin, garage or shed, its not worth my time and petrol to go back and forward but customers don’t seem to understand this they just want to complain and get free delivery or money off. Courier companies need to get a grip and start paying couriers better money for their customers to get a better service!! rant over thank you

    • Row says

      Hello Courier but not a Yodel one…

      These companies do need to pay their staff better and certainly the self employed ones…are particularly used and abused. Having said that…if you leave parcels and what not in a customers bin etc. why be a courier? Do you not get told off if customers complain about their stuff being left somewhere unsafe? Or do they not care? It’s seriously interesting, I mean Amazon yous HDN and so many people complain about that but obviously HDN are cheap which is why Amazon keep using them, and they’re cheap cos they pay the staff badly….and HDN keep winning more accounts so it’s kinda baffling. I know people who won’t shop with certain companies any more if they use HDN….

    • A. R. SOLE says

      Dear ‘Courier but not a Yodel one!!’,
      lucky for you, you managed to get a job with another company. Yodel are moronic wankers. However, that said, you say you wont bend over backwards for anyone. This is probably why you’re in a shit job in the first place.

      Regardless of the shite wage/fuel costs, you chose to accept that job. I suggest you get out while you can. Start a window cleaning round or a car wash… This way you wont have to complain about your petrol costs or dealing with twats.

  16. Courier but not a Yodel one!! says

    Wot really gets on my goat is that people order goods, get told when it will delivered but they can’t be arsed to be in,or leave delivery instructions, hence the reason why couriers leave goods elsewhere. Its not worth the petrol costs going back and foward. As a country we all love to complain regardless if someones job is put on the line.

  17. rich says

    A note to say I had a good delivery from Dolphin Music using Yodel 48. Received a text message on Saturday morning at 10am that it would arrive before 12.30pm and man arrived at just gone 11am. Some of the comments had me worried.

  18. Alicia says

    I tracked my order today and was surprised to see that it was marked as ‘Delivered’. I telephoned HDNL who said the parcel had been delivered. I said it definitely hadn’t and asked which house number it had been delivered to. She said she didn’t know but she could see from the satellite picture it was to a house next to a factory. There is one about half a mile away. There are lot of houses between mine and the factory. My house is clearly numbered. I have used other home shopping companies without difficulty. It was delivered without a signature, to a house 1/2 a mile away, with no record of the house number. This is unacceptable. HDNL customer services were belligerent and uninterested. They were happy to leave me without my parcel and didn’t want to know when I asked how to get it back. Don’t use this carrier. They don’t deliver and they don’t care.

  19. Peter Clemenza says

    I have just started working for Yodell, Home Delivery Network or whatever stupid name they call themselves as a sub contractor and they are absolute shit! I have been there for about 3 weeks now and as for the depot where I work at it is very unclean (dusty) with a crap slow unorganized backward system. Takes ages for them to get the drivers out the door, I couldnt believe what I was witnessing. Drivers can come in at around 7/8am and not leave the depot to deliver till about half 10 in the morning sometimes because they are so slow at everything. And parcels go missing there all the time and no one seems to know where it is so you have to go out without it/them. So much for someone waiting for a pair of shoes from Clarks! As was the case this morning. I wouldnt recommend anyone use Yodel, they are totally shit.

    • Row says

      Dear Peter

      Well…can’t argue with you.

      Tell you what though…your company doesn’t half get a lot of contracts. Even stuff I get from HK have started to come through home delivery network which is somewhat disturbing!

  20. says

    i ordered 7 items from new look on saturday morning. i got an email that evening say it had been shipped. This morning (tuesday) i checked HDN’s tracker, this said my parcel was being loaded onto the drivers van at 8:22, Its now 1:45 and no parcel. the depot (swindon) is about 40 minutes away from where i live ? am i even going to recieve it today?

  21. unsung whistle-blower says

    as a current employee of (dhl domestic) now yodel, i can happily confirm that data entry staff are bullied & thier jobs threatened if they do not alter P.O.D.`s on the system to improve the managers scorecards. this means that it is always the customers fault, that clock-stoppers are put on pre10/ pre12 parcels that won`t get delivered on time & parcels are even put through the system as `delivered` ; when they have not been and there is no proof that they could have been.
    parcels are scanned as `on vehicle or delivery attenpted` when they never left the depot & they driver has no intention of delivering them.
    basically the staff are forced to commit fraud or face disciplinerary procedures merely to keep bullying (and sometimes abusive) managers in jobs.

  22. Frustrated! says

    Yodel tried to deliver to me yesterday between 9 and 5 when no one was in, despite me asking them to leave the package with my neighbour or in a safe place.
    I called the call centre last night as they were going to try and redeliver the next day and again no one would be in!
    Even though the delivery card clearly states that they can leave the package with a neighbour or in a safe place the call centre agent said they were “not allowed to do this”.
    So I asked her how I could get my package and she said I should call the depo to ask but “they will probably say no” to my request to leave with a neighbour.
    I asked her not to redeliver and to offer an alternative address and she said they wouldn’t be redelivering anyway they “just put that on the card” and I would have to “go to the depo” (again open 9 -6 when most people are at work and not saturdays).
    I informed them that this wasn’t possible and asked what I should do and she said she couldn’t help me and there was nothing yodel could do.
    How can this company actually trade? Their website talks about championing the customer and all they seem to do is persecute them. Furious!!!

  23. Clair says

    My husband and I ordered a set of sofas. We were told they would be with us 23/04/0211 between 7.15am and 10.15am. By 11.15 my husband had to leave for work so he phoned Yodel to find where they were. They decided they couldn’t find our property so instead of calling us they just went back to Blackpool. So we cancelled that order as we were of on holiday and re ordered when we got back. I had 2 sofas delivered on 23/05/2011 one was a 2 seater and one was a 3 seater. They got the 2 seater in my house but the 3 seater would not fit. They left it outside my flat for a week before collecting to take back because they couldn’t be bothered to carry it back down the stairs to the van.

    My husband also ordered a top and i received a text T 11.30AM saying it would be delivered between 1.15pm and 4.15pm THAT DAY. I was already out!!! I made it home by 3.30PM and noting had been left. By 4.15pm nothing still had been left so I took that as they were not coming. At 5.25 I heard my letterbox make a noise so I went out to find a “While you were out” card yet I had been home!!! no attempt to knock on my door or ring me bell.

    Not impressed with this company at all.

  24. JC says

    Grrrrrrrrrr……… So it isn’t just me that thinks Yodel (formerly known as Home Delivery Network and also formerly known as DHL parcel service) are a load of idiots…… Unfortunately, Boots use them for distribution & I’ve had several deliveries from them in recent months, so can assess Yodel’s average performance. And oh boy is their performance average!!! Nope, thinking about it…. it’s not average, it’s a disgrace…… Every single package I’ve had has been very, very slow in arriving (10days plus, where Boots says it should be 2-5days, at most). And the state of the packages has to be seen to be believed – looks like someone’s stamped on them. Items have been damaged. I’ve had to chase. The info on their tracking database is laughable. I echo the experience of another contributor about items being out for delivery & then returned to depot with no attempt made to deliver. But the thing that annoys me most is that I keep getting emails, saying they have tried to deliver and I was apparently out……. As I very, very rarely go out (rural & no car), I know there is no question of them having tried to deliver. This company has absolutely no idea what ‘service’ or ‘customer’ means. Were it not for the potential loss of jobs, I’d wish the bu**ers would go under.

  25. mr b mcinarlin says

    yodel were ment to deliver my printer on monday 20th june 2011 between 8am & 9pm,i waited in all day,no sign of them,they said they were at my home at 11.16am (A LIE) the next day tuesday 21st june 2011 i waited in all day,no sign of them,they said they were at my home 19.55pm(a lie). wednesday 22nd june 2011 i phoned littlewoods and canceled my printer.I did not go out on wednesday due to bad weather(raining all day in glasgow) i notice on yodel web page,they said they were at my home 11.45(A LIE) all the times they said they were at my home, not one card was left.TO ALL YOUS PEOPLE OUT THEIR WAITING FOR A DELIVERY FROM YODEL.GOOD LUCK, YOU WILL NEED IT.

  26. Tom says

    My courier (Yodel) is ignoring every email from me so I thought I’d search the forums to see what people think of them….

    Oh my what a mess

    Yodel charged me £2k bond to join them, I was supposed to get that back after 2 months, it’s now been 4 months and my account manager is now ignorring my emails….. what a joke…. AND we spend £2k A WEEK with them…..

    Now loads of my parcels are going missing and not scanning….. Am sick of it…. They could atleast have the courtesy to reply to emails.

    We’re getting quotes to jump ship ASAP, hopefully parcelforce can be competative with their rates…. but if not god knows what we’ll do…..

    Who’s bright spark idea was it to sell DHL to these numpties….

    Even worse is how the drivers are being treated, we’ve been told loads of people have walked out and loads of drivers are fed up….. Not good enough….

    For anyone thinking of joining yodel my advice is don’t, and even more so if Leigh Day is the account manager at your door…. !

    • PonyGirl says

      Please do jump ship. Parcelforce at least leave parcels at the local post office. I now find out which courier a company uses before purchasing from them and will buy from them if they use Yodel.

  27. Tom says

    I experienced nearly the same thing with yodel but with redelivery, I arranged a redelivery and received confirmation of it. then on the day it was supposed to come…. nothing no card, no delivery, no contact whatsoever and according the the tracking information my Package didn’t even leave the depot…


  28. David says

    I sent 92 parcels out using Yodel. I was persuaded to do so by their local rep, as a trial to establish how good (or otherwise) they are.
    All 92 were collected at 4pm on Friday 15th and all were for a “Next Working Day” service, and all were for “Offices” in Urban locations.
    83 were delivered on the Monday, 6 were delivered on the Tuesday, and 1 delivered on the Wednesday.
    3 remain undelivered. One for Hertford (SG Postcode) was mis-routed to Glasgow and has been there ever since, One is “Lost” in Bradford and the final one is on its way back to me because it was “Unable to Gain Timely Access” whatever that means.
    This equates to a 90% success rate for the “Next Day” service, which is simply not good enough in this day and age!!
    Sorry Yodel, but you simply HAVE to deliver on your promises. Next Day means Next Day. My customers pay me to provide a premium service for which I am happy to pay you a premium price.

    If its any help, my normal courier is Interlink, and I cannot praise them enough!!
    I will not be “Trying” out any other Couriers for a little while!

  29. lichfield couriers find us on Google says

    I did 3 weeks relief work for Yodel last month. Van is normally loaded between 6.30 and 8am. On average the driver will be given between 45 – 60 drops in that day. The problems I personally encountered were in the rural areas (my patch was 15 mile radius of Telford and surrounding villages). Deep in the Shropshire countryside I had invariably a post code on an un-named road together with a house name. Satnav tells you ‘you have arrived at your destination’ – but there is’nt a house to be seen for miles. So the hunt begins taking valuable time out of your day to track this person down. After 10 minutes, if not found you have to return parcel to the depot in Lichfield and perhaps try again tomorrow. Farms are the worst ! When you do eventually find the place there’s little chance of finding anyone in – not a farmers wife to be found ! ! Then ther’s the the properties who for some reason do not find it a neccessity to put a house number on the door, these are not isolated cases but sometimes almost a whole street will not have a number. Then ther’es the pretentious people who will give their house a name (no number) Sat navs don’t recognise names people ! Then of course there are the people who ‘forget ‘ there goods are being delivered today and go out on a jolly. Parcelforce, UPS, DHL you name em and they will all encounter the same problems. SO THE MESSAGE IS THIS…. Is your house clearly identified by a number ? if you house has a name and but originally had a number, state it clearly when you order your goods. If you are expecting a delivery put up a temporary house number. And most importantly, insist that your contact telephone number be included on the delivery label. If I cant find you at least I have the oportunity of contacting you to ask for directions. All the best, Allan

  30. Simon says

    Beware about arranging to collect your parcel too! I rang last night to arrange to pick it up today, “yes that’s fine” said the woman (who will now be referred to as clown) on the phone. So I drive 20 miles to pick it up, and it’s been sent out for delivery. The 6th time its been out, I haven’t had a calling card once, apparently because the driver cannot find my address! It’s not rural either! The driver now has detailed instructions on how to get here, and my phone numbers (which should be on the parcel anyway) and still hasn’t turned up! Back to the customer services and another clown says he’ll make calls and call me back within 10mins, 1 hour and still waiting. Well and truly hacked off now! Appears to be a company entirely staffed by clowns, (although that may be harsh on clowns!).
    Should add I myself am a DHL international courier, I know how tough the job can be, especially with a rural route, (I have Worcester City, it’s easy!) but where I live isn’t at all rural, and should not be this sodding difficult!
    Rant over, feel slightly better!!

  31. says

    One week ago today I ordered 3 x i-Phones for our staff. They were supposed to be delivered by Yodel Couriers last Friday.
    A week later I am still waiting- excuses have ranged from not being able to find out office (no other courier has a problem) to turning up after office hours and wondering why no-one is answering.I have emailed them for explanations and I still haven’t got a reply- phoning them does little good either. So today I spoke to the Carphone Warehouse, they have stated that they are having loads of problems with Yodel and are ending their contract with the crap courier.

    So moral of the story is – if you need a courier don’t use Yodel

    • Donnamarie says

      I ordered 2 Blackberry phones for my partner and I, and the Carphone Warehouse are still using Yodel, over a year on since you posted this comment.
      Think they have been telling you porkies.. and still the same problems happening..
      Still awaiting my Delivery, It seems to be down at some Lichfield Centre awaiting Dispatch, I took a day off work to wait in for this Next Day Delivery. Phoned the Carphone Warehouse Customer Service line, and a woman could tell me that it won’t be out for delivery on the van today, and any updates she would call me back, She did, although telling me it wasn’t going to get delivered today..
      I’ve took a day off work to wait in for this delivery.
      They should deliver when they say they will, then we won’t have this problem, but it’s not even been an attempted delivery or anything, still at Lichfield, the Carphone Warehouse’s Warehouse awaiting collection.
      Don’t see it being on the van to Glasgow Depot by tomorrow after reading everyone’s testamonies on here.
      Absolute shit the way we are treated as customers.
      Put’s me off the retailer too. They lose their professionalism as a company who choose crap courier services, If they were so professional, they would get professionals to ”deliver” great results..
      DPD.. In my opinion a great courier, delivered to me in the blazing ice and snow and on target time with the time specification email they sent me that morning..


      I AM SURE

  32. J2b says

    YODEL!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!
    they are totally rubbish!!!

    i have waited in all day until 7pm,twice!,and they never collected my parcels,or never even bothered to phone me.

    i will not be using them again

  33. Toni says

    Can not believe Yodel, claimed on their tracking system that they had attempted delivery on 15th September. No they did not, DH was in all day off work to ensure that someone was around, DH has called 3 times since to arrange redelivery, this has not happened!!!

    I have just called and been assured that the delivery will be made on Monday (apparently they don’t deliver on the weekend!). Told the customer services advisor that the whole situation is a p%^s take!

  34. Dave says

    A day and a half, I stayed in waiting for the Yodel delivery, my neighbours took over while I popped out for an hour and there was a note to say take it next door in 5inch bold letters and yet they say they attempted to deliver it and there was no one around. No card on either day to say they had attempted to deliver it. These operators are coming it, no one has attempted either day. Bw warned if you are having something delivered from M&$ online, this is the sort of risk you are taking; my advice is avoid M&S online, Yodal are con artists. The distance was Lichfield to Cannock, Yodel satnavs obviously can’t cater for such distances, they must operate on a 5 mile radius. Be warned, M&S use Yodel, so your chances of getting your goods are almost nil!!

  35. Anna says

    For some weird reason, it is a relief to read all these comments! I now know I’m not a crazy/idiot/demanding/braindead customer… It’s THEM!!! THEY are the problem! YODEL!!!!
    Needless to say how many times I have called them, confirmed my adress (house number and name are on the building with letters the size of an elephants head! …and the house is in central London!!!) given them contact number and everything a human being can do to get someone to do their job!!!
    I wonder why yesterday the driver said they couldn’t find anyone to receive the parcell and today they couldn’t even locate my house? How did they locate it yesterday? And why am I trapped in the house all day for the third day and will be trapped again tomorrow for the forth?
    Because they are indeed CLOWNS!!!!
    Why is this company still working?!?! Why are there so many intelligent and hard working people unemployed and those idiots have jobs???!!!?!
    I agree that companies should mention the courier they work with! I would never buy anything from a company that works with them anymore!
    I really hope my comment will be the last one and none else will experience this again, but i doubt it!
    …and I’m not even the type of person that complains, this is the first time i do it and i order online very often!

  36. anonymous says

    I work in customer services for a parcel delivery company (one that hasn’t been mentioned on here so far) and let me assure you that all delivery companies are facing severe problems at the moment. the ongoing recession means significant down trade, which means less business to chase which means rival companies constantly undercutting one another to win the work that is available.

    that means average charge per delivery is lower which means less resources to do the job. at my place about 2-3 years ago all drivers had to take a pay cut. the warehouse staff and office staff are also massively under paid and over worked. the plan from the board of directors seems to be keep cutting costs, try and keep our head above water, lets see if we don’t go bankrupt and maybe in a few years the economy will start improving and we can finally invest in the business to improve the situation.

    for the time being though what you are left with is a hugely demoralised workforce.

    im polite to people on the phone though, im always willing to help someone who is polite back to me. most of my day is spent solving problems, getting goods redirected to new addresses, getting drivers reports on specific deliveries, chasing other depots getting them to search their warehouses for a missing delivery, speaking to drivers to find out when they are going to be at a certain drop etc. etc. but when someone calls me a c**t or speaks to me like a piece of s*it then as soon as im off the phone to you i will forget our conversation ever took place. every problem i deal with is one of someone elses creation, so please don’t speak to me as though i have personally decided to fu** you over. my pay is abysmal (slightly above minimum wage) and it is non stop for 8 hours a day complaint after complaint after complaint. everyone i work with it depressed, stressed and looking to leave at the first opportunity, just one phone call from a nice person actually cheers us up temporarily and i can assure you we do everyting possible to resolve problems for people like that.

    and by the way a couple of specific points. yes some drivers are idiots, you get them everywhere, but be assured they do not fail deliveries on purpose. in my experience 10% of failures are driver error, 90% are customer error

      • Anon says

        Find me someone who isnt overworked or underpaid….My shifts are 12 hours a day and dont involve me sat down for 99% of it…..Welcome to the economic downfall thsat is affecting the world not just delivery companies.
        I have had many deliveries not turn up on time or ‘lost’ in depot like the one i am awaiting now. Merry Xmas, now explain that to children when their parcel has been missing over a month……Now that is NOT customer error, I would say you have your percentages round the wrong way….Pay peanuts and you get monkeys working!!!!!

  37. Anon says

    I work for Shop Direct who use Yodel as their main delivery company… Shop Direct own Kays, Littlewoods, Very, Isme and quite a few more and the mojority of our call are because of Yodels ineptitude. All reports of carrier problems are logged but it just seems to get worse and worse and nothing appears to be done. It’s a disgrace and I am sorry that I work for a company that endorses Yodel!

  38. kirsty says

    I ordered a phone from the carphone warehouse on monday night, i didnt expect a delivery for about two to five working days however when i cheked the tracking system yesterday it said ‘out for delivery’ at about half seven in the morning. I called work and managed to arrange a swap with my shifts so i didnt miss the delivery and waited in all day, by 9pm at night i still had no delivery (even though it had been on the van since half seven in the morning) i called yodel and the woman on the phone could only say “oh yeh well sometimes they cant deliver them all on time, i apologise for the driver but its probably gonna be with you tomorrow!” PROBABLY?! what sort of reassurance is PROBABLY?!

  39. says

    They are bloody useless :( Had order i Paid for Saturday delivery trough , I called them as my package did not show up with anything. My other packages got delivered trough Royal mail today. Information i got was sorry it states could not locate your address. >???????
    VERY then told me they could not do anything. I would have to call them myself and ask them, I tried the phone number, did not ring trough , only went on engaged after a while!!!

    I contacted VERY days ago to make sure for delivery today as I would be at work. And if they could change to my work address. Or if came to my address could leave with a neighbour.
    All this should had been arranged but nothing done….
    I gave both work number and Mobil number to them…

    So angry about this. I was told by VERY sorry it should come out monday again.
    So i asked ok, but they could not locate today, so how will he be able to locate Monday.

    Answer was sorry it is also not sure they will come Monday, you need to call them youself…

    Anyone got a direct number or any good contact for these idiots at YODEL??????

    Sorry for my language quite upset…. Got so much to say. But cant get half of it down in this post hehe.

    Thanks guys….Cheered me up reading all this 😀

  40. Dave says

    I agree they are rubbish, but I think they’ve changed the name to YODEL or something like that, but it’s still the same crap .

  41. A. R. SOLE says

    3 parcel consignment collected from Hull on December 2nd 2011. Parcels 1 and 3 arrived within their 48 hour delivery time. Parcel 2 apparently scanned into the Droitwich sorting depot on Dec 5th but not showing up anywhere inside the depot… How odd is that.

    Now, December 22nd, almost 3 weeks / 500 hours later, the return calls back to me have never been made. The item is still showing as the same as on Dec 5th. A lost work contract to the tune of over £3,500 due to this particular item being ‘misplaced’ and I STILL can’t get an answer from Yodel.

    Do yourselves a favour. DO NOT USE YODEL 48. Stick with the more established and reputable companies. It might cost those extra pennies but the stress, loss and bullshit parades are far less.

    It’s such a shame the looters of earlier this year didn’t torch this companies offices and depots instead of the poor little businesses in London.

  42. Tom Thorn says

    I’ve got a £2500 custom guitar in a yodel truck and apparently its been there for the last two weeks. When I called them they said that the truck had broken down and it hadn’t been picked up for re delivery. Where i had to rent a guitar for a high profile session job I was pissed so I took the receipt for the rental directly to the depot and within two days they I had a letter delivered to me (by Royal mail thankfully) with a cheque and an apology. yodel are good people but just don’t know what they are doing

  43. says

    yodel are awful they lost or stole my carpet cleaner and amazon wont refund me even though i never recieved the carpet cleaner now i am down £106

  44. Clare says

    I ordered a dress from a seller on Amazon on 16th April. delivery expected by 23rd. Got a card on Friday 20th so rearranged delivery for yesterday. Nothing. Spoke to an employee this morning and gave a tracking number and the card number.They can’t trace my parcel. I watched the report on Watchdog last night, It seems this company are incapable of learning their lessons. Don’t touch with a bargepole. I too will ask in future who is delivering the parcel and if it’s Yodel or HDNL I will refuse to order. Companies take note.

  45. Mark says

    I had a delivery scheduled for today and took the day off to wait all day. Eventually at 7:30 this evening, I see their site is updated with the message ‘unable to locate’.

    Well fine, except that my address is on the busiest street in Brighton next to Brighton train station with a huge number on the door. Impossible to miss.

    I sent them a very detailed email explaining where Brighton train station is and what trains look like. Maybe this will help them locate my address.

  46. Nick.l says

    Yodel are a joke, A truly laughable company. My partner ordered a samsung galaxy note from CPWH on Friday for delivery on Monday morning, As you may guess the delivery did not arrive. We phoned yodel about 5pm asking what time the delivery would be and the said ” The delivery driver is running late it could be up to 9pm” Tuesday come and still no phone. After another phone call to yodel we were told “Sorry the driver could not deliver yesterday, It has been loaded onto a van today…” so 5pm the same day we phoned Yodel and CPWH. Tuesday night about 7pm the tracking on yodels website said delivered. We had both been in for 2 days there was not a delivery made. so currently CPWH is investigating this and will get back to us.

    If you have the choice steer well clear of yodel.

  47. MICK says

    To right mat this company HDNL are a waist of space according to Amazon tracking system it told me item was attempted for delivery AT 11.15AM and customer has been left a card for one I asked for a afternoon delivery and two no card was ever left so I had to e-mail Amazon they was great gave me HDLN premium rate phone number 0871 and then I was left hanging for 30mins at 10p per min until I hung up shite why a good company like Amazon use these Muppets I don’t understand stick with Royal Mail they never let me down