Shampoo, but not as you know it: WEN Hair Care by Chaz Dean Review

I was sent WEN haircare items to try months and months ago, and finally – I’m ready to talk!

WEN is not like any shampoo you have used before. It’s a conditioning shampoo which is super gentle and moisturising – it doesn’t lather at all, and is a nice mix between cleanser and conditioner.

Here is Chaz Dean:


They say:

What sets WEN® apart from the rest is its cleansing conditioner, a single-step process that cleanses and conditions the hair simultaneously. The cleansers are made with natural ingredients, and contain no sodium laurel sulfate or other damaging detergents found in some shampoos. WEN® doesn’t lather; rather, it creates smooth foam when mixed with water.

Yep – WEN doesn’t lather at all, so it will feel like applying conditioner directly to the hair.

The other weird thing is the quantity you have to use – for example on medium length hair you use 8 pumps on the crown, 8 pumps on the nape sections and 8 pumps at the end of the hair – total 24-32 pumps. If you hair is short you will use less, on long hair you will use more.


You work the hair cleanser into the scalp, and hair then leave it for 3-5 minutes after a comb though. Rinse.

Sounds odd? Well it really is weird to begin with.

Here is the set:


The product is sold as a set for £24.99 (not including shipping which costs about £6.99).

You get:

1 x Cleansing Conditioner (350ml/12fl oz)
1 x Styling Crème (60ml/2fl oz)
1 x Moist Intensive Hair Treatment (56g/2fl oz)
1 x Texture Balm (10g / 0.35oz)
1 x Wide Tooth Comb

There is also a Deluxe kit which includes larger bottles and costs £49.95.

I think the cost is ok because you get quite a lot and if you are like me, you end spending a fortune on Shampoo anyway (I wash my hair every day!).

You can also get it in two scents, Sweet Almond (minty!) and Cucumber Aloe.


So basically, I used this until I ran out of the cleanser and conditioner and I have to say, it’s a fab product.

It is so so so so so odd I have to admit because at first it doesn’t feel like the hair is clean – once the product is properly rinsed out the hair does feel refreshed (mainly because of the mint!) although I would say that you have to be careful to wash it all out if you have fine hair.

My hair is wavy and can take heavier styling products, if you have fine hair, because this product is so thick and rich, and you use so much of it, it may feel like it’s too much.

You do get a huge bottle though and it lasts about a month despite the fact you use so much of it:


On the plus side this product is super gentle. If you are giving your scalp a rest, as I like to, or if you have frazzled hair etc. this is so hydrating and soothing. It gives your hair and scalp a break from all that detergent.

It smells lovely too and is nice to use. My hair was shiny and soft afterwards, and no itchiness on my scalp.



Pros –

– Super gentle and hydrating
– Nice on the scalp
– You get lets of product

Cons –

– A little heavy
– You may not want/need everything in the introduction set (I barely used the styling creme and texture balm)
– Can’t be bought in stores

Overall, this will NOT replace my regular shampoos – I still need that super clean feeling sometimes (especially after using styling products) and this is a little time consuming. However I will replace this product because it’s a nice alternative to washing every single day – it’s gentle and hydrating.

Check out the products here.

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  1. Alexandria says

    There’s a knock off sold at Sally Beauty Supply called Fiske – HairOne, that works under the same principle and is cheaper! It also comes in different formulations for dry scalp, dry hair, color- treated hair and regular hair.

    The only thing I noticed was that I felt I needed to wash with a regular sulfate-free (or sulfate if that’s your preference) shampoo to clear buildup after a few washes with the Hair One.

  2. Ash says

    I never, for any reason, put shampoo in my hair. Shampoo is not good for your skin or hair. This product sounds like a nice alternative to how I already care for my hair. I would use it myself, but honestly, a little baking soda and heavy conditioner twice a month is all I need. This might be a good product for those who are thinking about making the switch to no-poo life style.

    • Row says

      Hi Ash

      A no-poo lifestyle! Sounds good to me!

      Well I know what you mean I guess we are so all used to degergent ideally we’d give out skin a break!