Bronzed and Glowing Goddess! Trish McEvoy Bronze Luminizer Review

The more I used luminizer’s and highlighters the more I like them. I have the Estee Lauder illuminating pen and the Laura Mericer one but one of my favourites is the Trish McEvoy product, because of it’s chunky applicator pen.

I was rather pleased to get my paws on their Luminizer bronze – just because I have a tan now and I wanted something a little different – there are times when you want something other than a pearl/white based glow.


Yes, that’s my cat’s tail.

They say:

Add a dose of instant bronze radiance with the skin-enhancing Luminizer in Bronze. The perfect pick-me-up for all skin types. One twist of the pen results in the perfect application. Apply anywhere on your face you need to add a long-lasting natural, luminous glow.

This chunky pen contains a warm bronze illuminator:


I really like the applicator – I prefer the bigger brush just because I think it’s easier to apply on the face.

One of the first skin luminizers I ever bought was high beam from Benefit. I quite like them but find the texture a little thin:#alttext#

I do have Trish McEvoy’s regular luminizer which looks unremarkable but when applied properly (which a Trish SA showed me how to do) – WOW.

So this bronze is a pretty, shimmery warm bronze. It’s quite sheer and has fine sparkles with a light copper edge:


I used this around the top of my cheekbones and I love it! It’s different from my skin toned and white luminizers – the sparkle is more apparent in the flesh but it isn’t over the top or ugly at all. It’s really pretty!


Because it’s sheer I won’t use this on the eyes but keep for use on the face.


Really pretty, lovely product – great if you like to get a natural looking glow on the skin. For something more obvious you may want to use a powder highlighter.

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