Review: Japonesque Metal Precision Lash Curler

Having pesky poker straight lashes, I have forever been looking for a good mascara that truly holds curl (there are just a handful in the many mascaras I’ve tried over the years) and tools that make my lashes face the sky!

Lash Perms I love but my lash experience was so traumatic. My eyes are not doing so good as it is so the last thing I am going to do is cause any more possible long term damage.

So….been wanting this curlers FOR-EVER:

Japonesque Metal Precision Lash Curler_ Official Stockist

Japonesque make a number of beauty tools for pros and enthusiasts (like us!). I have a few of their empty lip palettes (nice but expensive) and some brushes.

This Precision Lash Curler is designed to target smaller areas of lashes, so those pesky outer and inner corners that normal lash curlers cannot reach.

There are many variations of these ‘precision’ lashes on the market, but this one is a tweezer style which is more rare.

Japonesque Lash Curler.jpg

It arrives in a pack like this with replacement pads. Its got a lifetime guarantee and lifetime replacement pads (there’s a US number on the back to call). Here is the tool:

Japonesque Eye Lash Curler.jpg

I never call people a ‘tool’. It reminds me of something a 14 year old American Skater boy would call his mate who just kicked him out of a Tekken 6 tournament because he was winning…

Besides…aren’t tools useful? *pictures B&Q* Or am I being a pedantic old person?

Anyway from the side:

Japonesque Curlers.jpg

The metal is – well, not bendy, but its not rigid – it has some spring to it perhaps so that you don’t put too much force down on those lashes.

The shape of the head:

japonesque curlers-1.jpg

Before Curl:

japonesque lash curlers.jpg

During Curl:

japonesque curler.jpg

After Curl – the result is very natural but I promise ye, with mascara on it did make a difference!:

Eyelash Curlers Japonesque.jpg


Finally, its mine, its mine, after a long long time of waiting. Why did I wait? The price was always so steep and at the moment its £31.50 from HQ Hair – I used the 20% code so got it for around £25.

Yes its a great tool. It works better than any other precision curler I own but will I use it everyday? Nope. Not got time, not got patience but if you are going for the perfect look or you are very anal then you will get much joy from this product.

Its built to last, its supposed to last so its a nice investment, like some of my Shu Uemura Metal tools which cost a bomb but can’t be beaten…

Worth a punt if you want perfectly curled lashes for sure.

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  1. tigerslovepepper says

    Row, you wrote “I have forever been looking for a good mascara that truly holds curl”. Me too. I know it is a little bit off topic but I have to ask you: do you still think that YSL Singulier mascara is a good one (I remember your positive review about it)? I want to buy one for a friend of mine as a Birthday gift.

    About the Japonesque curler: I just bought the e.l.f. one. For now, every curler that costs more than a few euros is not for me. :(

  2. Inês says

    I must admit that I’ve never seen an eyelash curler like that, and I was a little scared XD It is an interesting product, might pick up one!

  3. says

    It looks like a pair of nail clippers… I don’t wanna cut all my eyelashes off :(

    I never use curlers anyway, my lashes are too long so they would just rub against my browbone and annoy me, whilst simultaneously making me look like I’m permanently shocked.

  4. tigerslovepepper says

    @Mhairi I’m so jealous! XD I have completely invisible straight lashes, I hate them.

  5. says

    it looks like a nail cutter at first so it’s kinda scary! i wouldn’t buy this if i just saw it somewhere! but the results are nice! 😀

  6. Christine says

    I just wandered onto this review, and this sounds like exactly what I want! With my long-but-annoyingly-downwards-pointed lashes, a normal eyelash curler just won’t catch my outer lashes!

    Alas, I can’t seem to find one in Australia, and no one seems to have one for sale online to ship here to Melbourne – I assume they must be available somewhere, as this review was only written in January this year. Does anyone have any leads, whether in Australia or somewhere online who would ship here?


    • Row says

      You can try – they ship internationally and is where I bought this one from.

      It’s quite a good curler but have you seen the electric ones? They are good too for straight lashes

      • Christine says

        Hey Row,

        Thanks for that! Alas, they no longer have this ‘pincer’ or ‘nail-clipper’ style that you got, only the plastic style which I’m informed crowds the lashes and makes them kinked rather than curled, and breaks pretty easily to boot.

        After much searching, it transpires that this model is discontinued – augh! I did find one at, but they wanted about AU$50 for it, with another AU$25 in postage – I do want lovely curled lashes, but $75 is pretty steep.

        I’ve seen the electric ones before, but my friends who use them say that they’re not THAT much better, and eat batteries for breakfast to boot. At this point, I’m desperate enough to try, though!

        Back on the hunt, I suppose…