NOT PLAY DOH: FUN multi use bars from LUSH

Super soapers, LUSH have created a rather funky fun multi use product aptly called FUN – these play-doh esque bars can be used to wash your body parts like a soap, or use it to create bubbles in the bath, wash your hair, wash your clothes and play with it!

FUN group shot

It comes in 5 colours as pictured above, and is formulated with a softening base of cornflour, glycerine and talc. It is preservative free and comes wrapped in biodegradable film. 

There are 5 flavours to choose from:


Sentai Ranger Yellow … vanilla absolute and gardenia extract gives this bundle of fun a comforting marzipan aroma.

Sentai Ranger Green … uplifting and zinging, this one has lemon and lime oils to awaken the senses.

Sentai Ranger Blue … a gentle, soothing hug in the bath before bedtime using calming oils such as lavender and chamomile. This one is also good for those with sore or irritated



Sentai Ranger Red … a fruity combination of orange and mandarin oils, this one will revitalise the mind.

Sentai Ranger Pink … a sweet treat with ice-cream scented tonka absolute and benzoin resinoid, which also has warming qualities to help stimulate circulation.


Someone who works at LUSH is a genius:

Cat made with LUSH FUN


Now, the really good bit is that LUSH will donate 10p (for the first year) from every bar sold and this will go into The FunD. This is then given out as grants to provide fun and recreational activities for children living in challenging environments- in this case the kids who were affected by the Japanese Tsunami in 2011, who are from Fukushima and are unable to play as they used to outdoors due to radiation risks.  

The bars of FUN are now in store and online  They cost £5 each for 200g.  
Are you going to get a bit of FUN?!
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  1. says

    These are so adorable and fun! And, as someone who taught English to kids for a year 20km from the meltdown epicenter, I really love the cause <3