Nars Night Series Eyeshadows

Looking for some super sparkle fun in the dark winter nights? I am!

Nars Night Life Series of Eyeshadows contain a million, trillion sparkles. It’s one of my favourite things from Nars to collect.

There are 9 shades so far (I think there will be two more come Christmas 2008, in a gold and silver).

Night Breed – Black with chunky silber glitter
Night Porter – Black with Green pearl
Night Clubbing – Black with gold pearl
Night Flight – Black with Blue pearl
Night Fever – Black with reddish purple pearl
Night Snow – White with super chunky white glitter
Night Fairy – Violet with Gold Pearl
Night Star – Peach with gold pearl
Night Rider – Lilac/Plum with silver pearl

You can get 6 of these colours in the Night Series Palette To me, the palette has some of the weaker colours – Night Rider, Night Fairy and Night Star, which tends to be drier and scratchier than the others. However, its a great way to complete the Night Series collection!:

In addition there are the 3 solos:


Now – people often complain that the Night Series eyeshadows don’t retain their sparkly effect once on the eye.  Or sometimes with the black based shadows, or that the colour pearl won’t show up.

Sparkles, alas, do not stick by themselves.  You absolutely need to use a primer, or water or a cream eyeshadow underneath.  Black makes the shadows pop (so I used Zardoz from Nars but you can use anything or even a black gel liner).  If you apply it dry it will barely show up and it will certainly not last or hold its sparkle.  I have never had a problem getting the pearl to show up when I add a drop of water.

Close ups:

Water works really well, but a black base makes it pop a bit more.  Some of the light colours also look great when added on top of black – such as night snow.

My favourite of Night Series are Night Breed, Night Porter, Night Flight and Night Snow.

If these colours are too heavy for you there are some other sparklies you can investigate from Nars.

Galapagos is a super duper sparkly gold chocolate brown

Santorini is a true disco purple with lots of purple sparkles.  It can be a bit tough making the sparkles stick so press, don’t swipe the shadow and use a sticky/wet cream shadow base.  Strada is a lilac with tons of gold.  Fiji is a moderate alternative to Night porter – similar pearl but on a Khaki base as opposed to a black one.

The same rule applies – if you want the sparkles to stick you have to mix something with it!  perhaps that should be written on the pack or something cos I know a few years ago when I wasn’t so addicted to make up, I wouldn’t have known.

It’s nearly winter, so me thinks everyone should get as glittered up as possible and add some sparkle :)

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  1. Pauline says

    Hey! There was a Night Bird too. I’m not sure if it had a limited release (I *think* someone said its only sold in some places) or if it was discontinued. It’s a grey purple with pink/purple sparkles :)

  2. Luna says

    What are the best DARK plums or burgundy shadows that are sparkly, glittery or metallic? (regular shadows or cream shadows)