Lip Ink & Valentines


How rude of me! I didn’t wish you all a Happy St. Valentines!

Valentine’s day really isn’t have as exciting as people try to make it. Buying stupid cards that say ‘I Wuv You’ and bunches of overpriced flowers then having a 3 course meal at an Italian where everyone tries to out do each other in looking loved up is not my idea of fun. In fact, nothing is my idea of fun..apart from trying out new products!

Enter Lip Ink:


They Say:

Imagine a lip colour that only comes off when you decide you want it to. A lip colour that uses only natural products and is never tested on animals. And a lip colour that gives you healthier, fuller-looking lips. All this can be yours when you try the revolutionary new Lip Ink ® products. Add to that luminous eyes and subtly-coloured cheeks to give you the complete package for a truly natural look that lasts for as long as you want it to.

A Lip Stain that is smear, smudge and water proof – or your money back

Created from renewable herbal and botanical ingredients

To apply the lip colour, there are 3 products:


1. Before applying LIP-INK® COLOUR, cleanse your lips with the OFF solution. Using a soft cloth or a cotton pad gently dab lips (never scrub). This will remove any remaining lip products or residue from your lips.

2. Splash lips with water and pat dry.

3. If you line your lips, line them with a LIP-INK® liner.

4. Apply a small amount of LIP-INK® SHINE moisturiser as a base conditioner and massage thoroughly into your lips.

5. Shake the vial of LIP-INK® COLOUR you have chosen against the palm of your hand until the beads move freely. Carefully remove the applicator wand and wipe the excess back into the vial. Remember to keep the vial upright.

6. Apply colour to relaxed lips using the widest part of the applicator. Apply in one direction with a gentle even pressure. Do not blot. The slower you apply it, the more colour is absorbed. Allow 10 seconds for LIP-INK® COLOUR to dry.

7. Repeat the colour application twice more, allowing ten seconds for each layer to dry

8. Finish with a final coat of SHINE moisturiser. A small amount will leave a slight sheen, you can blot it for a matte finish or apply lots to get a high gloss finish. You can add SHINE throughout the day without disturbing your lip colour.

9. Remove LIP-INK® COLOUR by using the OFF solution on a cotton ball, make-up pad or a warm, lightly moistened, dark-coloured wash cloth. Press to the lips and leave for a few seconds for the OFF solution to break down the pigment. Gently dab the lips (never scrub) to wipe away the finish, flipping the pad, or cloth as you do so. After colour is removed, splash lips with water and pat dry.

Applying LIP-INK® COLOUR to the inner portion of the lower lip can create the illusion of fullness. LIP-INK® COLOUR will stick to areas where ordinary lipsticks will not. It’s better to apply more thin layers than to try thick layers of LIP-INK® COLOUR.


• When you first use our classic Lip-Ink® colour, you must first wipe the tip of the applicator to make sure you get the proper colour.

• LIP-INK® products may tingle, this reaction is normal. The sensation is due to the natural, organic, botanical and herbal ingredients.

• Remember to open the vials carefully, as LIP-INK’s® formulas are LIQUID. They can spill, or splatter and when in contact with clothing, carpet, etc. may stain. If spilled on clothing – remove first of all with the Off Solution then cover with toilet soap and soak overnight in warm water.

Slightly complicated, but not difficult.

My shade was 02 a natural pink:


Here I have swiped one layer (on the top) 2 coats, then 3 coats – see how the colour gets deeper the more layers you add:


So for Valentine’s I tried this out. First step was the lip off (by the way I recieved the starter kit which has all three products in one handy set).


I used this to clean the lip…

Lip Clean:


Then I used the lip shine to moisturize a little:


3 coats of colour. I let each layer dry properly. This felt quit dry and tingly once it tried and it smelt a bit boozy-like.


I believe you are supposed to stretch the lip a little when you apply – I forgot and smiled, and the creases really showed up:


Anyway I added the shine gloss on top and everything resumed to normal and I had a nice, rosy pout:


Lip Ink like a lot of products that are designed to last all day can feel a bit tight when it is applied. I tried Max Factor’s lip finity years ago and it was hideous! My lips chaffed like mad, but not with Lip Ink – I had little dryness.

The colour lasted a good 8 hours plus. In that time I had:

2 kisses on cheeks
2 kisses on lips
1 pizza hut
1 macdonalds
1 posh coffes
3 Chocolate covered cocoa beans

Not bad going! When it faded it left a lightish pink stain and not too much of the dreaded ring!

So this is a good product and it does work. The colour itself was a little close to my lip colour – ideally I’d like to try out something like a red, a colour that takes a lot of work to keep on and see if that is just as effective.

I realised something else though – I actually enjoy the process of reapplying lip colour. For one thing –

– When my lip colour fades (ie. after eating) its the only time the boyf will kiss me as he hates lip gloss. Same for the kids – they spurn my kisses on the cheek if I have stuff on my lips. Therefore those fade off periods in the day I can get some mwahs in.

– I like being able to grab a random gloss (I carry round several) and have a change of colour as I go along. Most of the time I have nude beige, pinks, apricots, sparkles which pretty much go with whatever eye I have on.

However, lip ink is useful for people like my momma who HATE reapplying cosmetics. It’s also useful as I said, for strong colours like if you are going to a party and you know you can’t sneak off to reapply some lipstick. I’d also use this again if I was going away somewhere, like on a train or flight so I can have some colour on without thinking about reapplication.

They also seem to have a huge range of other products like eyeshadows and liquid liners which I want to test out, since this isn’t something I want to reapply in the day!

You can check out the goods and the big colour range here.

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  1. Chica says

    Ooooh, me likey!
    I think i’ve tried every longwear lipstick ever and they’ve all been PANTS..and left the dreaded thick liner look *shudder*
    I’m definitely checking these out, thanks Row x x x

    • Row says

      Hey Chica

      See what you think! It does last a long time and isn’t as drying as other longwear lipsticks I tried (although you may find it is a tad drying if you already have dry lips).