Review: EMU Oil, or should I say, Dremu Oil

Emu’s used to scare me. I thank Rod Hull for that:


Rod had an Emu called…Emu and he was a bitey little thing. Look at what he did to Parky:

Scary stuff. But vanity is vanity, and I ended up with a Dremu Emu Oil (30ml, £30).

Dremu Oil_ Amazing Emu Oil, Dremu Oil, Emu Oil, beauty and skincare products..jpg

There is quite a lot of explanation about this product and the science behind it on this page, so I won’t bore you by repeating it here.

In summary though, Emu Oil:

* Reduces wrinkles without needles
* Light, odorless non pore clogging
* World’s most effective moisturizer
* Penetrates deeply to reduce wrinkles
* Absorbs immediately
* Calms redness
* Plumps up fine lines
* Hastens healing
* Soothes roughness
* Rehydrates dry, chapped, skin

And yes – Oprah herself, has said that she loves it.


I have been testing mine out for a while now, and I have to say, as much as I love the idea of facial oils (I’ve tried a few I have always found them quite oily and irritating after a while.)

Dremu oil is…just fantastico!

The oil itself is…well quite oily but once you have gently patted it into the skin it disappears without a horrible residue (give it a few minutes though). There is no scent and no colour with the product.


You only need a tiny smidgen though – so although its not madly cheap at £30 for 15ml, it will last longer that a tub of cream. One thing is that Emu oil is that is solidifies in cold conditions – which in England is ALWAYS bar 2 days in August when everyone still manages to turn themselves into screaming pink lobsters – so you need to warm it up in your hands, use warm water or a hairdryer or your armpit – you get the idea.

The main thing I noticed is that when I woke up after using this, my skin was a lot bright and softer, and more even too. My face looked less red (I get redness on the forehead, and around the nose a lot).

I wasn’t sure how it would work in the morning, under make up but it was fine – just use sparingly and allow 5 mins for it to settle in.

I can’t say it will work for everyone but it really worked for me so I want to try more from the Dremu range now…mmm especially Face Paste!

Face Paste_ Amazing Emu Oil, Dremu Oil, Emu Oil, beauty and skincare products..jpg

It’s £145! Eek! But if the Emu oil works this well, this will probably work wonders on my chapped patches.

You can see and buy the whole Dremu range here.

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  1. says

    they have a lot of emu oil type of products for sale here in australia, i never thought of giving them ago although my mum was using it religiously (not sure now have to ask again)

    OPRAH is gospel i’m getting myself a bottle – ok maybe i should consider cheaper alternatives first.

  2. Christie says

    I went to a Rod Hull show once with my mum at Butlins when I was little. We came into the show late…so of course he noticed us. He got off the stage and chased us to our seats with Emu =(

    • Row says

      Hey Christie!

      LOLLLLL This made me laugh!!!!!!!! If you think about it, its your claim to fame :) As long as Emu didn’t bite you 😀