The Apprentice Final! The Top 3 Make Up Horrors on The Apprentice 2011 Reviewed

It’s been a long, long time since I did a TV post but here it is!  I can’t believe The Apprentice 2011 is over already – it’s been so much fun!

At the time of writing, the finalists are: I’ve-run-a-business Susan, Jedi Jim, Rodent Tom and Helen (no nickname, because Helen is pretty much perfect).

More on who I am supporting at the end of this post.  Meanwhile, I need to address a very serious issue. The biggest make up boo-boos of the 2011 series.  Ladies, are you with me?

No. 1 – THE BROWS:

Melody Hossani

26 Year Old Melody Hossaini, founder of…a Global Youth Consultancy…ok, had thing for dark, dark eyeliner and dark drawn in eyebrows no matter the time or day. I think they look quite extreme…but then again, isn’t this what HD brows look like? And you’ve gotta admit, it takes some skill getting eyeliner that even.  Ok, so I have a soft spot of Melody.  Nevertheless, there was no way the brows weren’t going to get a mention….


No. 2 – it’s that god awful blue-grey eyeshadow:

Of Natasha! 
Natasha Scribbins

31 year old recruitment mangager, Natasha Scribbins loved to wear ashy cool colours on her eyes with little eyeliner or mascara.  Oh, with nude lips.  Someone tweeted me yesterday, saying it gave her piggy eyes…it does!  Just a lick of liquid liner and a coat of mascara, please Natasha.  To her credit she scrubbed up very well on, You’re Fired (the after show) but this image of her will be permanently burned into my mind.

No. 3 – White lipstick/lipgloss:

Edna Agbarha

37 Year old Business Psychologist, Edna Agbarha had a habit of wearing sheer white lipstick to the boardroom.  Sheer white lipstick and lip gloss seems like a good idea (I should know) but then it never does look quite right worn on its own – it can look deathly. No Edna!  Wear some colour on the lips!

So that’s my top 3 make up horrors on The Apprentice…(note all these ladies have now been eliminated!) What is your Top 3?

As for the final….I think it would be cute if Tom won, but in reality it should be Helen. However my heart wants Susan to win, but you can’t hold back a Jedi.  So I will go with….

Ahhhhh what the hell, Helen. She does deserve it.  Plus she had some really sparkly pretty brown shadow on in the semi-finals.  Lovely!

Who is your winner?


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  1. Jen says

    omg this is such a hilarious post!! you’ve got it spot on with the top 3 makeup horrors…altho I think for me Natasha’s blue-gray eyeshadow and lack of eye definition would have pipped it to number 1 (she looked sooooooo much better on the You’re Fired show, presumably because her makeup was done by a make-up artist), plus her combover
    I think it’d be nice if Tom or Susan won it, just because they are not Lord Sugar’s usual sort of candidate, but I think Helen’s the strongest business-acumen wise. Jedi Jim is good with the charm and talk, but is that all he is
    Just watching the How to Get Hired show with Dara O’Brien…it’s hilarious watching the best bits with his commentary on it 😀

  2. says

    I can’t wait for tonights show…I hadn’t even noticed these makeup disasters but you’re 100% right with each of them. Them brows are like WOW lol

  3. says

    hummm my winner would have to be Helen, only because she has been amazing throughout the whole show, Susan gets shouted down too easily. I did want Melody to win until she made that comment about people up north…I have wanted to see her trip over n land in a cowpat since that comment lol

  4. Penoirz says

    yeah Natasha had this whole slightly clammy, steely make-up thing going on which made her look like she’d been romping with the Tin Man the night before or she was A BIATCH arghh horrid..